David Lynch’s YouTube Channel Is Wonderful

David Lynch’s YouTube Channel Is Wonderful

In case you didn't notice, everything in the world is terrible. But at least legendary filmmaker/T-shirt magnate David Lynch has a YouTube channel: "David Lynch Theater." And it's pretty damn delightful. In addition to a new short animated film, most of the channel consists of Lynch's "Weather Reports," a revival of a series he used to do on his old website back in the early 2000s. The videos consist of Lynch sitting at his desk describing what the weather in Los Angeles feels like using decidedly un-scientific terms in what can only be described as his calming Lynchian drawl.

While most of the videos are brief and unremarkable, recent videos have subtly referred to current events. On Tuesday's video, Lynch is missing, and the "report" consists of footage of an empty chair, either in observance of Blackout Tuesday, or because that's the kind of weird shit that paid for David Lynch's swank estate.

Then in yesterday's video, Lynch appeared in front of a sign reading, "BLACK LIVES MATTER PEACE JUSTICE NO FEAR."

There's also a new series called "What is David Working On Today?" which so far has chronicled Lynch's efforts to construct a wooden sink for his workshop, which also includes a pop-out wooden urinal. And don't pretend like you're not interested in seeing where Palme d'Or-winner David Lynch takes his whizzes.

Lynch ends each video by asking what you, the fans, are working on. So feel free to message the creator of Twin Peaks and tell him about the Ikea bookcase you're struggling to assemble.

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Top Image: David Lynch/YouTube

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