The Future Of Concerts Is Suiting Up For Raves

The 'Daft Punk' comparisons are obvious, but just imagine every concert as a rave.
The Future Of Concerts Is Suiting Up For Raves

There's only so many goddamn "concerts from the living room" we can take anymore. Every day we're getting new ones, and I'm already following the artists I'm into on social media, please don't shove more into my face. It's overwhelming.

Plus, the reason people go to concerts in the first place is to get absolutely lit, and that's hard to do when your roommate has a conference call, and your neighbors will complain on NextDoor. So lo and behold, the future of concerts.

The comparisons to Daft Punk are apparent, but this suit from the design firm Production Club is apparently serious about combining safety with bringing back concerts and clubbing. They've got N95 filters along with snap-in canisters for vaping, which might make it the most perfect match of form and function Gen Z could ever need.

So based on this thing, what's the future of concerts? It's raves. All concerts from this point on? Raves. You think people at country music festivals in the middle of Missouri aren't going to find a way to deck one of these things out in ripped flannel and trucker hats and rave like it's the end of the world? Think again. The classical and opera folks are gonna find a way to make black-tie versions and then go full-on rave to Yo-Yo Ma and Carmen. Standard-issue raves? Double Stuf rave.

Live stuff can't come back unless we can do it safely, and the main reason to attend live stuff is that feeling of shared emotion in the experience. It doesn't matter if you're shuffling and waiting for the bass to drop, or listening to some guy picking a mandolin at a folk music festival, it's a vibrancy you can't help but get excited about. We're all gonna rave like crazy at our first big events we can go to. These suits just look perfect for helping us make that happen.

It's a fashion statement, a hazmat suit, and a way to feel free all wrapped into one. Now if we could just find a way to do this with sweatpants.

Top Image: Production Club/YouTube


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