With the CDC recommending that everybody wear face masks while in public settings, and many local governments actually requiring them, loads of masks are available to buy online, featuring everything from Disney characters, to baseball teams, to pretty much any random thing your brain can conjure. Want a face mask with Kevin Spacey's signature printed on the front? Here you go. Have fun explaining that one to your local grocery store clerk.


Weirdly, this pandemic has led to a surge in sales for not just medical masks, but fictional shadow assassin masks. According to reports, Bane masks like the one Tom Hardy wore in The Dark Knight Rises are flying off the shelves. Which is dumb for a few reasons, most notably because these costume masks are "not an acceptable face covering during the pandemic." But also because even Bane's mask within the world of the movie, would do nothing against the virus. Bane's mask simply supplies him with a painkilling gas to treat a back injury, not purified air. Look, that thing's full of holes.

Forget Bane, What Fictional Mask Would be Helpful Right Now?
Warner Bros.

Which makes us wonder which pop-culture masks would be advantageous today. Boba Fett's helmet is basically just a giant face-shield, so that would be good. Not to mention Darth Vader's, which comes with a built-in air filter and, for some reason, a smooth baritone voice-generator.

Forget Bane, What Fictional Mask Would be Helpful Right Now?

Pretty much any superhero mask where the entire face is covered is good; Spider-Man, Iron Man, and even Rorschach's mask made out of a gimmicky '60s cocktail dress would presumably be fine. Over in videogames, the Mortal Kombat ninjas' masks, and Master Chief's helmet are fantastic and functional. The iconic hockey mask belonging to the notorious slasher Jason Voorhees is no good, it's full of holes and wouldn't even be allowed for its intended purpose in the NHL anymore. Jason's mask in Friday the 13th Part 2 on the other hand, which is basically just a sack with eyeholes, would presumably work ... as long as you could, you know, breathe

Forget Bane, What Fictional Mask Would be Helpful Right Now?
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Tom Cruise's Illuminati orgy mask from Eyes Wide Shut? That should be good. And you can buy a replica of it online for ... the pandemic ... yes, that's it ...

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