Paparazzi Are Somehow Even More Useless Now

Paparazzi Are Somehow Even More Useless Now

The garbage people who run around taking quick trash photographs of famous people in public don't have the greatest reputation. It's seen as unethical and unskilled -- mostly because it is. There are teenagers out there taking better pictures with their iPhones than the stuff that gets slapped on the front page of grocery store tabloids. But now, during a pandemic? Their entire profession has been rendered even more worthless than the time Daniel Radcliffe wore the same outfit for months just to mess with them.

Hardly anybody, including a celeb, is going out in public at the same rates that they used to. Then, on top of that, everybody's wearing masks over their faces. Also, it's not like any place cool or scandalous is open, because cities like Los Angeles and New York are super shut down. What're they going to photograph, some masked woman who may or may not be Jennifer Garner, looking like Kitana from Mortal Kombat, buying bagels? Check this out:

Sure, that's Laura Dern, but you've gotta really look hard to figure it out. Or here, look at this shot of Fergie.

How can you look at that person in sunglasses and a black bandana and go "Aha! Fergie! Got her!" with any kind of confidence? You can't. There's not like any super-identifying visible tattoos or anything, and half of the already-long-haired people in Los Angeles have hair just pulled up like that right now.

Furthermore, this is all super pointless in light of what celebrities are doing with their social media. They're letting us into their headspaces (and houses) like never before. Those masks in public look so ridiculous when we can simply check out a famous person's whole face on their actual Instagram accounts. They might even have live-in assistants to help them with lighting and stuff. Or they might just go full bonkers all solo like January Jones. How the hell is a crappy paparazzo going to compete with her tap-dancing her way through cabin fever?

We don't want anyone to be out of work or needlessly hurting for money during a time like this, but there's gotta be a better way to make a living with a camera.

Top Image: Klaus Hausmann/Pixabay

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