Funko Pop! Spoiled The Eternals And Now We Have To Ask, Why?

Funko Pop! spoiled the Eternals. Why does this keep happening?
Funko Pop! Spoiled The Eternals And Now We Have To Ask, Why?

In the era of bootlegging, leaked digital copies, social media, and Reddit detective-ry, the risk for having a movie spoiled is at a constant threat level midnight. So it soggies up our biscuits a little when, with everything else seemingly on lockdown, a goddamn toy company decides to outright spoil the movie as Funko Pop! did with The Eternals. It's yet another ding-dong story of a superhero movie spoiler getting out there because of a toy company, which happens, seemingly all the live-long day. And it makes us wonder, are movies and toy companies so lacking in synergy and communication and other business-y buzzwords that they can't get their shit together? Or is it just that they don't give a Funko?

Be warned (and we recognize the painful irony of this statement) there are spoilers for Eternals ahead.

The "mistake" occurred as Funko Pop! released a character list with the name "Kro" being among them. For those well versed in Marvel comic book lore, or can pretend to be by doing a quick 10-second Wikipedia search, Kro is a ... *checks Wiki* ... Deviant and the main villain of many comic book storylines.

Funko Pop! Spoiled The Eternals And Now We Have To Ask, Why?
Marvel Comics
This might shock you, but this character is a bad guy.

Now we realize that knowing who the villain is before a movie starts isn't a big deal. We all know the villain before every World War II movie starts is the Nazis and we all liked The Sound of Music just fine (The hill were alive ... and so were our hearts.). The Eternals will be the same way. It just seems so easily avoidable. Couldn't Funko Pop! just use code words in their list or release the toy line in conjunction with the movie or, we don't know, not make a toy for every goddamn thing in existence.

Even the real Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus don't need to own this.

But maybe this is exactly what they wanted. By releasing a toy list they are drumming up buzz for the movie which in turn drums up business for the toy company. Granted, that movie is a good 10 months away, but they still got us to write up a piece about it and no press is bad press. So there you go. Well played Funko Pop!. Well played.

Top Image: Marvel Comics

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