QAnon Conspiracies Are Always Dumb, But Their Oprah Conspiracy Is Their Dumbest Yet

You get a conspiracy! And you get a conspiracy! Everybody gets a conspiracy!
QAnon Conspiracies Are Always Dumb, But Their Oprah Conspiracy Is Their Dumbest Yet

We've written extensively about the QAnon, the pro-Trump conspiracy cultists, but a quick recap: They fully believe their Glorious Leader is the head of an elaborate heroic campaign, to rid the world of all of its evils, despite the fact that he's a bumbling egomaniacal bigot whose brain was asphyxiated by money at birth and never fully recovered. These QAnon folks, who represent the very best among those suffered from brain-eating parasites, were recently responsible for ensuring that Oprah Winfrey was one of the world's top trending topics, all thanks to their spreading of a rumor that Harvey Weinstein gave up the names of members of a vast Hollywood pedophilia and child trafficking ring including the likes of Joe Biden, Tom Hanks, Quentin Tarantino, Bob Saget, Steven Spielberg, and our beloved Oprah.

The whole thing became so widespread that Oprah herself tweeted that she was not being raided and arrested, and probably typed it while being raided and arrested by Trump's secret cabal of galaxy brain warriors.

This particular piece of pro-Trump fan fiction began on YouTube, then evolved into a viral Facebook thread, before eventually hitting Twitter. The post itself is a truly breathtaking work of staggering lunacy. It's a wide-ranging scattershot of dipshittery, that feels like the predictions Nostradamus -- had he spent the majority of his life sniffing glue and getting kicked in the head by horses.

In addition to the imprisonment of famed pedophile Oprah Winfrey, the post claims that the coronavirus is lab-created for the intent of covering up a mass mandatory vaccination agenda that will also inexplicably lead to the arrest of 158,000 people. It's not clear on what the first part of that sentence, the middle part of that sentence, and the end part of that sentence have to do with each other ... but at least you can rest assured knowing that for the believers of QAnon, this all means that Trump is a glistening sex Adonis with three powerful penises that can thwart crime.

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