Corey Feldman's Documentary Names Names

Corey Feldman has a new tell-all documentary, and it's scary.
Corey Feldman's Documentary Names Names

It's not really news at this point that some horrible stuff happened to childhood stars and good friends Corey Feldman and Corey Haim when they were younger. Haim tragically passed away ten years ago, while Feldman has, for a long time, hinted at but not been specific about the horrible things that happened to the two of them in the 1980s working in Hollywood.

Now, Feldman has a documentary titled (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys, in which he's actually naming names. Originally, it was going to stream live on the documentary's website during its live premiere in Hollywood. But about 15 minutes into the show, Feldman interrupted the whole thing to announce that it wasn't streaming live the way it was supposed to. There was some obvious concern over whether it was some type of cyberattack or just simply technical issues -- which, Corey Feldman is almost 50 years old. It's probably just tech issues.

Anyway, the screening went forward, and the big reveal was that Feldman was finally about to name some names -- specifically, the six men who sexually abused him and Haim. The big one was Charlie Sheen, who Feldman accused of raping Haim at 13. Haim had apparently revealed this information to other people, including Feldman's ex-wife and another actor, and apparently the allegations were somewhat known around Hollywood already. The other five names were Marty Weiss, Alphy & Bob Hoffman, and Jon Grissom (all of whom Feldman has mentioned before), and a new name, Dominick Brascia.

Where this got a little weird was the next morning, where suddenly Bob Saget was trending on Twitter. Some bogus bot Twitter account tweeted this and it went viral.

Bob Saget was not named in the Feldman doc, it was Bob Hoffman who Feldman claims abused him.

There's a lot wrong with how children have been treated in Hollywood, and people like Feldman deserve our attention when these issues arise. Between the Michael Jackson documentary last year and Feldman's new tell-all, it's about time some skeletons from the 80s and 90s got cleaned out of their respective closets. Here's hoping that nothing worse happens, ever.


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