Spoilers for Parasite ... which you should have seen by now, especially if you're an Oscar voter.

There's a lot going on in Bong Joon-ho's Academy Award-winning Parasite; from nail-biting suspense, to a condemnation of income inequality, to a violent climax that highlights the universal terribleness of children's birthday parties. Obviously the film has inspired an assortment of audience reactions, but oddly, one of them is ... hunger?

In one particularly anxiety-inducing scene, the Kim family take up residence in the Park's swanky estate while they're away on a camping trip-- but soon to find out that the Parks are in the car on their way home. Also, there's a pissed off married couple in a secret underground bunker. Also, also, Mrs. Park asks Chung-sook to whip up the noodle dish chapaguri, or "ram-don," with sirloin steak. In eight freakin' minutes.

The Income Inequality Of 'Parasite' Is Way Lost On Rando Noodle Fans

The Income Inequality Of 'Parasite' Is Way Lost On Rando Noodle Fans

When the Parks return, Mr. Park doesn't even want ram-don anymore, so his wife casually picks at it with all the excitement of a bored DMV employee.

The Income Inequality Of 'Parasite' Is Way Lost On Rando Noodle Fans

Ram-don is traditionally a "working-class" dish, meaning that the addition of sirloin steak on top is another stark example of the Park's privilege. Despite the fact that this scene was clearly used to show that the Parks are entitled d-bags, oblivious to the violent horror show literally happening beneath their feet, fans of the movie are apparently super-into steak ram-don now. YouTube is full of videos offering recipes for the Parasite dish.

Noodle companies are even using Parasite to help sell their products in what has to be the oddest movie-food cross-promotions since Ariel from The Little Mermaid invited children to eat her deep-fried undersea pals.


It's yet to be seen if Parasite has bolstered the sales of decorative murder rocks, but maybe that's more of Christmas gift.

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