Logan Paul's New Antonio Brown Diss Track Is Fire (And So, So Dumb)

There's no good reason for a song about a beef so pointless to be so catchy.
Logan Paul's New Antonio Brown Diss Track Is Fire (And So, So Dumb)

Hey, do y'all remember that guy who caught a lot of heat over showing the body of someone who committed suicide in Japan on his vlog? Guy by the name of Logan Paul? Yeah, that was never going to be the end of his career. For reasons that people in their 30s can't seem to understand, YouTube stars are a whole lot more career-resilient in this new internet age than the movie stars and pop stars of yesteryear, and Logan Paul is on the forefront of bringing his internet persona IRL.

Now, it seems, he's got a beef with disgraced former NFL player Antonio Brown, and holy crap, is it catchy.

That diss track is way too good for how dumb their feud seems to be. You don't want it to be good. You want it to suck. But from a skill and production standpoint, it's right up there with diss tracks like "Rap Devil," only Antonio Brown isn't gonna come back at Logan Paul with a "Killshot" or anything. So how did we end up at this point?

Last year, Paul fought a boxing match against fellow YouTuber named KSI in the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and it was pretty big, given that it was a couple (surprisingly jacked) guys from YouTube. After the fight, Paul was interviewed and asked if he had any future opponents in mind. His response was -- for a number of marketing-based reasons, we're sure -- Antonio Brown. Over on Brown's end of things, it would make sense, and Paul laid it all out. Brown is no longer in the NFL, is staring down the barrel of a few lawsuits, and could probably use some cash -- not to mention an entertainment-based entry into a post-NFL career. A fight with Paul would honestly probably be a ridiculous boon to Brown.

The two didn't take long to start talking smack on Twitter:

Talks had stalled, though. Paul (through his representation) apparently had brought multiple legitimate fight offers to Brown's representation, only to be turned down. Paul, in his frustration, threatened to come back with a diss track if things didn't start moving. That was back in January, and people almost got more hyped about the idea of a new Logan Paul song than about another Logan Paul boxing match.

Then, last week in Miami, Paul and Brown actually met face to face and got people really hyped over the idea that they might actually fight. Hoo boy, what a show. But still, no diss track.

Turns out, it was because Logan Paul was gonna really put the work in for this song. Antonio Brown has had a disaster of a year professionally, and Paul puts in so much detail from Brown's career that this piece probably belongs in like, the Louvre. From Brown's literal frostbitten feet being used as an analogue for cowardice, to threats that he might knock Brown out in the ring worse than one of the nastiest hits in professional football history, it's a lyrical freight train. It's made even funnier when you realize the "Mr. Whole Lotta Money Going Broke" chorus line is a dig from a "professional YouTuber" at a criminally terrible music video on Brown's YouTube channel. Even the wardrobe choices by Paul are sharp digs -- at one point, he's wearing a black Pittsburgh Steelers JuJu Smith-Schuster jersey. Smith-Schuster was the wide receiver who effectively replaced Brown in Pittsburgh.

Good luck getting this song out of your head, and God help these two batshit crazy guys should they decide to actually box each other.

Isaac wouldn't dare fight either of these guys, he values his brain too much. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @NotFunnyIsaac


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