Disney's Acrobatic Spider-Man Robot Is Going To Kill Someone

Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man!
Disney's Acrobatic Spider-Man Robot Is Going To Kill Someone

In the movies, we've seen a believable Spider-Man swinging across New York City so many times we almost wish they'd stop already. Now, Disney is trying to bring that scene to life with an attraction that will debut this summer in their new Marvel "land" at California Adventure park. They're basically just going to throw a life-size Spider-Man robot about 200 feet, and what could possibly go wrong with that?

They've actually been talking about this for a while. Back in May 2018, a Disney-operated YouTube channel first released a video showcasing their work on the "human scale acrobatic robot" -- basically, an articulated mechanical stick that simulated the motions a human body would have to perform to generate momentum as it swings on a rope and/or gets hit by one of those giants from Skyrim.

Then, Disney+ rolled out a documentary series about Disney's Imagineers that briefly showed off a more advanced version of the acrobatic Spider-Man robot. It had come along a bit.. by which we mean it no longer looked like eight men were heaving a drunk and uncooperative Spider-Man out of a dockside bar.

The finalized Spider-Man robot will make its debut this summer when the Avengers Campus officially opens to the public. This will presumably be followed by a series of shocked headlines and a handful of morbidly hilarious obituaries.

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