Marvel Has (Accidentally?) Suggested They Founded China


After Marvel dropped Endgame on us, many thought, "What could they possibly have left in their intellectual property barrel?" Well, we're going to get a really kick-ass answer to that in November of 2020, when Marvel releases the new Eternals movie. It's the one that Kumail Nanjiani got himself ripped for, and there's a ton of other big names involved, from Gemma Chan to Angelina Jolie. And in honor of the Lunar New Year, they've released a new poster for Eternals that pays homage to ancient China.

Check it out:

The poster is beautiful, but take a look at the big symbols in there. First up, there's that red sun. In Chinese culture, the color red has some strong connotations of good fortune and blessings, and a red sun is like the source of life on Earth. It's also very likely that the mountains underneath them are the Kunlun range.

Now, that mountain range is a notably intriguing thing to look at within the context of Marvel. Because the Eternals movie isn't taking place in its own, made-up comic book confines -- it's set shortly after the events of Endgame. That group of Eternals flying around the mountains up there are bound to be linked back to their comic home, Ancient Babylon. For those of us not up to speed on your Torah studies, Babylon is a part of the world where not only life, but true civilization is said to have begun. To take a group of supernatural Babylonian beings and draw them flying over China with a bright red symbol of creation in the background? That's got some heavy implications to it, namely that China might not have been responsible for its own civilization. It would have been brought to them.

This poster is a beautiful gesture from Marvel to celebrate the holiday, but hoo boy, does it carry some weird creative weight.


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