This week marked the anniversary of the Star Wars Holiday Special, the fabled 1978 TV turd that found Chewie, Han, Luke, and Leia celebrating "Life Day" alongside a bunch of C-list celebrities and holographic rock stars. Oh, and the family Chewbacca cruelly abandoned in order to travel the galaxy with Harrison Ford. The production was famously a mess, with budget problems, actors passing out thanks to sub-par alien costumes, and George Lucas creeping out the writers' room with stories about how Han Solo has totally had sex with a Wookie. (But sure everybody, The Last Jedi tarnished the brand.)

While most of us just pretend that this abomination doesn't exist, Disney might actually take another shot at making a holiday special set in a galaxy far, far away. Why? Apparently The Mandalorian director and CGI lion tamer Jon Favreau is a big fan of the original. Which is why The Mandalorian features a few unsubtle nods to the infamous special, including a shout-out to Life Day. Plus the titular character wields that tuning fork-gun doohickey cartoon Boba Fett used.

Disney Might Actually Make a New 'Star Wars' Holiday Special

Disney Might Actually Make a New 'Star Wars' Holiday Special

While promoting the series a few months back, Favreau casually mentioned that he "would love to do a Holiday Special" and he should "pitch that to Disney Plus." At the time, this just seemed like the kind of pithy banter you might expect from the fourth-billed star of Four Christmases. But now it appears as though he's legit serious about making a new Star Wars Holiday Special. According to Favreau: "I've been thinking about it. It's ready, the ideas are ready." He even has specific actors in mind for this hypothetical project, including someone from "an upcoming episode of ". Of course, it remains to be seen whether Disney will be into the idea and greenlight the project. Sadly, we may never learn who emerged victorious in the noble battle against "The Frizzies."

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