Trekkies, Trekkers, and connoisseurs of nonexistent wine are all eagerly anticipating the upcoming TV series Star Trek: Picard. It finds the iconic Enterprise captain retired from Starfleet, seemingly to focus his attention on the high-end booze industry. While we still don't know a lot about the show, yesterday Patrick Stewart tweeted out a beautiful new poster featuring Jean-Luc perched majestically atop- wait, is that a dog?


Yup, apparently Picard has a canine sidekick now; the Turner to his Hooch, if you will. Fans were quick to notice that the dog's collar has a Starfleet-insignia-shaped tag that reads "No. 1," either in tribute to Commander Riker or because he won't stop whizzing all over the vineyard. While people are already smitten with Star Trek's newest doggy (go to hell, Porthos), we couldn't help but wonder what happened to Picard's other pet. We are, of course, talking about Livingston, the beloved lionfish who lived in Picard's ready room.

Captain Picard Has A Dog Now, But Where's His Fish?

If you guessed "dead" well, of course you're right, but we don't exactly know how. Livingston was onboard the Enterprise when it crash-landed at the end of Star Trek: Generations. When salvaging the wreckage, Picard doesn't ask after his fish, or even comment on how his aquarium is dark and lifeless.

Captain Picard Has A Dog Now, But Where's His Fish?

In an online Q&A, writer Ronald D. Moore claimed that Livingston initially survived the crash, but was soon eaten by Data's cat Spot. Which is still better than being gobbled up by a neanderthalic Riker, which is a thing that almost happened. In the next movie, First Contact, we don't see any fish, but behind-the-scenes photos clearly show an aquarium in the new Enterprise's ready room. So maybe Livingston survived?

Captain Picard Has A Dog Now, But Where's His Fish?

In the later movies, though, the aquarium is inexplicably gone. So in all likelihood, Livingston died offscreen and was unceremoniously flushed down one of the Enterprise's conveniently located toilets. Hopefully Captain Picard treats his pit bull a tad better than his poor, un-memorialized fish. And unlike with Commander Riker, Picard can thankfully have this Number One fixed.

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