'Game Of Thrones' Ended With More Garbage (Literally)

Move over coffee cup, fans have a new beverage container to complain about.
'Game Of Thrones' Ended With More Garbage (Literally)

Game Of Thrones has finally come to an end, but the nitpicking and rampant over-analysis is just beginning. As fans scoured each frame of the finale for Easter eggs, clues, or any evidence that the past season was merely Hot Pie's crazy fever dream, they stumbled upon something: more real-world garbage. Yes, even after the show famously overlooked a disposable coffee cup in the halls of Winterfell, in what historians will presumably one day refer to as "Bottle-gate," the series finale featured not one but two errant plastic water bottles.

While Tyrion is waxing poetic over the power of storytelling like a disheveled Golden Globes presenter, you can just make out two bottles tucked under Sam and Davos' chairs.

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Because randomly inventing democracy is thirsty work.

Despite the fact that the show purports to be an allegory for climate change, could this goof be a slap in the face to the environmental movement? OK, that sounds a little crazy, but disposable plastics are obviously a serious problem. We don't want the youth of today abandoning reusable beverage containers just because of those cool cats on Game Of Thrones. This may still sound ridiculous, but keep in mind what an enormous, almost irrational influence this show has on people. Thousands of people named their children "Khaleesi" before waiting a bit to see if that particular character would abruptly turn into a mass murderer. (That's the power of television!)

And just recently, that coffee cup screw-up resulted in a reported $2.3 billion in free publicity for Starbucks. Which is especially insane because it wasn't even a Starbucks cup; it was a generic one from craft services. But the continuity error's meme-ification implicated the coffee company, resulting in what one expert dubbed "a once-in-a-lifetime collision of opportunity for Starbucks." You know, like how Jon Snow provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for mopey bearded dudes all over the world.

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