'Game Of Thrones' Just Had The World's Dumbest Easter Egg

In the wake of the devastation wrought on Winterfell by the White Walkers, fans have wondered what will happen to the North now that it's mostly a host for ruins and a convenient smattering of main characters. But not to worry, because a drop in property values and an influx of rich white Lannisters means the region is primed for some good old gentrification. And it's happening faster than we thought, because Winterfell already has its own Starbucks.

HBO"I hear they're going to turn that corpse pile into a Forever 21."

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As a medieval fantasy show, HBO has had the bad luck of not being able to do any product placement in Game Of Thrones (aside from heavily promoting fur cloaks and legalized brothels). They've tried to compensate for this by tying the show to a lot of expensive products instead. But last Sunday, that accidentally changed with the brief and unexpected appearance of Sir Pumpkin Spice of House Starbucks. During a feast scene, raven-eyed viewers could spot a coffee cup resting on a table near Daenerys -- the only person in the world who could drink it without burning her mouth.

HBO"I've got the orders for Danny Rice Trombone of House Target, Thirst of Herman, Quinn of [redacted] with furry men, Pro Tip Thoros, Evan Kingdoms, Imagine Dragons, Carl from Degrassi, Theon Burned and Bergerac 2 Chainz."

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The sudden cinnamon infusion stunned fans, who aren't used to seeing their favorite naked mermaid pop up near their favorite naked dragon mom. And with so much time, money, and staff to carefully craft each episode, it is downright weird that nobody noticed (and CGI'd out) the Unicorn Frappuccino among the perfectly medieval wine jugs and candle holders. It's such a basic continuity screw-up that internet tinfoil men have already started accusing HBO of intentionally leaving the cup in as stealth marketing for Starbucks -- which would have been quite the conspiracy on a set that got spy-droned more than the Pentagon.

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Of course, the real reason is obvious. This cameo is a carefully planned ruse, something to ease hardcore fans into the real twist at the end of the season when, as everyone celebrates Daenerys and Jon's wedding, Tyrion rolls back Bronn's sleeve and discovers to his horror that he's wearing an Apple Watch over his chainmail.

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