Dennis Rodman: Good At Basketball, Bad At Yoga Studio Theft?

Some days the headlines just write themselves!
Dennis Rodman: Good At Basketball, Bad At Yoga Studio Theft?

Famous basketball weirdo / marijuana-themed cryptocurrency evangelist Dennis Rodman has been accused of trying (and failing, miserably) to steal around $3,500 worth of merchandise from a Newport Beach yoga studio, including an enormous amethyst crystal. And it was all caught on camera!

Rodman says the owners of the studio told him to take whatever he wanted, which is why a woman who entered with him quickly crammed a couple of shirts into her bag the second an employee walked out of the room, then pretended as if she didn't do that. The ballsiest part of the whole imbroglio is that a member of Rodman's elite crew destroyed the $2,500 amethyst when he dropped it trying to stuff it into a sack. No! That was, like, someone's lifetime supply of deodorant.

This is all so tragic. With Rodman distracted by this scandal, he may never get the chance to broker peace between the United States and North Korea. We're doomed!

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