FYI: The Game Of Thrones Guys Are Making The Next Star Wars

They're just moisture-farming angry fan bases at this point.
FYI: The Game Of Thrones Guys Are Making The Next Star Wars

It's fair to say that the current Star Wars trilogy has gotten a lot of heat -- both in box office billions and in fuming internet hate. So to cool things down, Disney has not only decided that the Star Wars movies are going on a little three-year break, but also that when they come back, they'll be in the hands of some fresh and exciting talent. Which is why it's a smidge ironic that those hands belong to the people responsible for a different wave of seething fan hate you've been feeling for the last few weeks.

FYI: The Game Of Thrones Guys Are Making The Next Star Wars
Dragons are basically spaceships, right?

In the ongoing crossover no one ever asked for, Lord Paramount of Disney Bob Iger has confirmed this week that Game Of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will be taking over the War of Stars in 2022, featuring the series' first storyline outside the Skywalker canon (since there aren't enough iconic characters left in that one for them to brutally kill off). And the news hasn't been exactly well-received, with very online people already voicing their concern that it's not a great fit to let the guys who turned a saga about thrilling politics into a series of boring spectacles take a stab at the saga about thrilling spectacles that at one point devolved into a seven-hour TED Talk about trade agreements.

Those fears are somewhat justified. While great at interpreting and adapting complicated literary works, D&D don't have a great track record with just farting around in other people's loose fiction. And we're not just talking about them unsuccessfully trying to end GOT with nothing more to go on than a few of George R.R. Martin's scribbled cocktail napkins. Weiss was attached to a failed Halo project, and Benioff co-wrote the not-great X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Troy. And if you can't do something exciting with the greatest extended universe ever created (Greek mythology, not Marvel), it's going to be an uphill battle accomplishing anything in a place that has midi-chlorians.

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"Let's just have one of the Jedi explain things while dry-humping a naked bounty hunter."

But let's ignore everything that their show has taught us, and instead be cautiously optimistic that two people whom we desperately want to succeed won't burn everything to the ground. Firstly, the last season of GOT made it very clear they'd rather be doing big-budget movies than slow-burn prestige TV drama. Secondly, despite a book purge that would've given any autocrat a little twinge in their nether regions, there are so many great, thick Star Wars novels in the canon for these nerds to squeeze the best bits of into a screenplay. And thirdly, if there are any two people who will be able to cope with an over-entitled fanbase that does nothing but whine online about how it isn't like the good old days, it's the guys who brought us Ed Lannister.

FYI: The Game Of Thrones Guys Are Making The Next Star Wars
Fourthly, they'll be so much happier in a universe where everyone can justifiably travel at the speed of light.

Most important of all, D&D are still being considered for making not one Star War, but a whole trilogy -- meaning there's a very good chance we'll get one great movie, followed by a slightly boring but still enjoyable one without our favorite characters, and then ... well, let's just hope Hollywood has slid into the sea by December 2026, and we don't have to worry about the third act causing the internet to literally explode with vitriol.

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