Myspace Admits It Has Deleted All Of Your Stuff (Again)

The old MySpace has finally gone down, and it took all your stuff with it.
Myspace Admits It Has Deleted All Of Your Stuff (Again)

Growing up can be hard. Things change, people drift apart, and you can't go back to the way things were. Unless you went to Myspace, the eternal shrine to an entire generations' awkward goth phase. But now the social media site has confessed that it has finally emptied out your internet bedroom.

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Over a year ago, the post-apocalyptic scavengers that make up MySpace's current user base started complaining they could no longer access their old music files, with the company reassuring them it was just a glitch. That turned out to be a lie, and now the site has been forced to admit that they've likely lost all "photos, videos and audio files" uploaded before 2015, due to a server migration error. They did manage to save all the content posted after 2015, which is probably because that amounts to less than a single thumb drive.

But while people are lamenting the loss of all their old profile photos, shaky concert videos, and Tom Hardy's erotic duckface art, the erasure of the music hits hardest. It's estimated that over 50 million uploaded songs from over 14 million artists were lost in the wipe, including the early works of superstars like Kate Nash, Lilly Allen, and the Artic Monkeys, all of whom got their big break via the site. And while artistic Darwinism dictates that music exclusively found on Myspace is no great loss to the medium, the nostalgic damage is immeasurable.

Then again, not everyone seems to be saddened by the eradication of these ancient archives -- particularly Myspace itself, which has already been accused of intentionally destroying all these files from abandoned profiles in order to save tons of money on server space. And people have reason to suspect this. After all, that was clearly the motivation during the first Myspace Purge in 2013, when the site inconspicuously (because this was Myspace in 2013) deleted all of its blogs, erasing millions of diaries, clever Vonnegut quotes, and My Chemical Romance lyrics without warning. The reason was that the aging site had been bought up by Justin Timberlake, who decided to pivot it to being a content hub focused on photo, video, and music ... which they've now all lost

So with all of its old treasures banished to the same timeless void where Tom is being tortured, the question remains: What's left of Myspace? Then again, people have been asking that question since 2009, and it hasn't stopped the site before.

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