Disney Cut A Joke About Kylo Ren From 'Wreck-It Ralph 2'

Disney Cut A Joke About Kylo Ren From 'Wreck-It Ralph 2'

If the prospect of spending Thanksgiving arguing about the midterms or whether your aunt's latest business venture is a pyramid scheme (hint: they always are!), we've got good news. The Wreck-It Ralph sequel, Ralph Breaks The Internet, drops on November 21, which means you can spend the holiday in a dark movie theater eating warmed-over turkey and mashed potatoes from a plastic container -- or at least, that's how we're going to do it.

Just like how the first movie cracked wise about the world of video games, this one sees Ralph and Vanellope branch out into exploring the internet and pop culture in general, which includes Disney. But don't expect them to make any jokes about Kylo Ren.

Disney doesn't like those jokes.

Disney doesn't like those jokes at all.

In a recent interview, director Rich Moore explains that the movie originally had a joke about how Kylo Ren -- the main bad guy of The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and Episode IX: J.J. Abrams Retcons Everything -- is a spoiled child. You know, that thing that the movies imply so heavily that it's more text than subtext? Well, here's how that went down:

"At one point we had a joke about Kylo Ren being kind of a spoiled child," laughs Moore. "We went to Lucasfilm and said, here's what we're doing. And they said, well, we'd prefer that you don't show him as a spoiled child. You know, he is our villain, and we'd prefer you don't do that. So we were respectful of that."

It's kinda weird that this is where Disney draws the line -- not only because Wreck-It Ralph 2 already contains a scene wherein the various Disney princesses compare the ways they've been abused ("Were you poisoned?" "Cursed?" "Kidnapped or enslaved?"), but also because Disney helped out with SNL's "Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base" sketch a few years back. You know, the one that joked about how much of an infantile wang Kylo is?

On the plus side, this proves that Disney knows the character. Cutting a singe specific joke from a movie that mocks everything else about your brand? That's the most Kylo Ren thing imaginable.

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