'Alien' Just Got Adapted Into A Kids Book (It's Pretty Good)

Finally, an adaptation for scaredy-cat adults! And kids too, we guess.
'Alien' Just Got Adapted Into A Kids Book (It's Pretty Good)

Alien is not a film for kids. Hell, it's barely a film for adults, judging from the fact that we're all thinking about the same scene right now.

'Alien' Just Got Adapted Into A Kids Book (It's Pretty Good)
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Yep, that's the one.

You know what is kid-friendly, though? Tiny widdle kitty cats! And that just gave us Jonesy: Nine Lives On The Nostromo, an illustrated book for children which tells the story of Alien from the perspective of Jones the Cat.

Created by artist Rory Lucey, Jonesy was inspired by the fact that despite being the only other survivor of the Nostromo (alongside Ripley), we don't see that much of Jones. What was he doing as his original owner was being slaughtered? While Ash is having his head knocked off? During that tense self-destruct scene? These are important questions, and thanks to Jonesy, we kinda have some answers now.

(Psst, all the answers are "silly cat antics.")

Titan Books

Titan Books

'Alien' Just Got Adapted Into A Kids Book (It's Pretty Good)
Titan Books

You might have noticed a certain ... facehugging thing in some of the above pages, which comes despite Jonesy absolutely being a kid friendly-book. So what gives? Well, as Lucey explains, Jonesy doesn't shy away from what actually happens in the movies -- it wouldn't be an Alien book otherwise -- but those types of moments (the one with the facehugger, for instance) are just subtly there, not thrown in the face of the reader. And for those terrifying moments that can't just be hinted at? Well, those are defused by the aforementioned silly cat antics.

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Titan Books

Jonesy was released earlier this week, and you can pick up a copy here if there are any kids that you want to indoctrinate into being horror movie fans -- or even any adults who were unable to finish Alien because they ran out of clean underwear.

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