HBO Is Making A 'Watchmen' TV Show

Who watches the Watchmen? You, if you can steal your friend's HBO GO password.
HBO Is Making A 'Watchmen' TV Show

One of the most beloved comics of all time is coming to the same place that's given us angsty mobsters, ice zombies, and six years of metropolitan copulation. Yup, a series based on Alan Moore's Watchmen has officially been picked up for a full season by HBO -- presumably the only company brave enough to feature glowing blue dongs on their channel.

HBO Is Making A 'Watchmen' TV Show
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"From the channel that brought you cowboy dongs, robot dongs, and robot cowboy dongs!"

The new show is being led by Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof. If that name doesn't sound familiar, check your browser history to make sure you didn't tag him in an expletive-filled Tweet between 2010 and 2012. After the Lost finale and Prometheus, Damon was the giant hunk of meat to the internet's Rocky Balboa for a while, so much so that he actually penned a letter to Watchmen fans explaining himself before the show was even greenlit.

Lindelof's letter also mentions that the new series won't be a straightforward adaptation of the comic, but rather a "remixed" version, which may nonetheless draw the ire of fans. After all, Alan Moore treats Hollywood adaptations of his work like they're telemarketers calling him while he's in the shower. And for good reason, since his books have been turned into craptastic vehicles for the likes of Sean Connery and Johnny Depp in the past.

But there are a few reasons people should give this new Watchmen show a chance. For starters, Lindelof just finished up one of the greatest goddamn TV shows of all time. Secondly, remixing iconic characters is how Alan Moore himself made his career. Watchmen began as a revisionist take on a bunch of old Charlton Comics characters. And The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen was a mishmash entirely of preexisting properties which eventually incorporated Harry Potter, who grows up to be the literal Antichrist.

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Fun fact: Alan Moore's Harry Potter shoots lightning out of his urethra. (Seriously, this is a plot point.)

And hey, if the new Watchmen can somehow incorporate the entire population of Deadwood, even better.

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