Want To Beat Facial Recognition Tech? Dress Like a Juggalo

Apparently, the key to beating Big Brother is to look as crazy as possible forever.
Want To Beat Facial Recognition Tech? Dress Like a Juggalo

As the power of the modern surveillance state waxes, it's important that we the people nail down our resistance tactics before the only option becomes "Move to the woods, drop off the grid, and establish the Empire of Bark." Well good news! You can stick to The Man without giving up modern conveniences like "walls." The bad news? Your taste in music is, uh, going to change.

Thanks to the work of one intrepid computer science blogger, we now know that the best way to beat facial recognition software (which most law enforcement agencies now use) is to wear Juggalo makeup -- the warpaint favored by the most hardcore fans of stalwart shock rappers Insane Clown Posse. The researcher in question, TAKHION, arrived at this conclusion by plugging normal-looking photos of ICP frontmen Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J (or as their mothers know them, Joseph and Joseph) into facial recognition software and watching as their clownish regalia caused them to disappear down the virtual rabbit hole

You'd think that the system would flag identity-less people just as much, if not more, than average folks, but no. It seems that the best way to blend in after the ascendance of the all-seeing panopticon is looking like you're about to spray everybody with celebrated Midwestern soda Faygo.

As TAKHION explained, most facial recognition software works by using contrast (for instance, between the neck and chin) to map out a person's face. The Juggalo look, however, so badly distorts the lines of the face that the system mistakes the black-white contrast of the makeup with the contrast of, say, a jawline. (No wonder the FBI has it out for Juggalos.)

There's no word on whether KISS makeup works as well, but who wants to avoid the cyber gulag that badly?

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