There's a metric crapton of outlets making entertainment right now. That's great news, if you're a person who likes movies and shows. It's not great news, if you're a person who likes to keep up with what's going on in Hollywood. In a move that can best be described as blockbuster-worthy, we've taken it upon ourselves to keep up with the latest, most interesting entertainment news and sum it up for you.

DONALD GLOVER IS ON THE WARNER BROS. SHORTLIST TO PLAY wiLLy WONKAS The studio is reportedly looking at the Atlanta star, as well as Ryan Gosling and

Source: Coming Soon

HBO HAS GREENLIT A PREQUEL TO GAME OF HRONES The new series will be set thousands of years before GoTand will deal with the end of the Age of Heroes a

Source: Coming Soon

VAL KILMER WILL BE RETURNING AS ICEMAN IN TOP GUN: MAUERICH Sources said the actor is indeed confirmed to reprise his role as Tom Cruise's aviator riv

Source: Coming Soon

JARED LETO'S JOKER IS GETTING HIS OWN MOVIE. Warner Bros. is Wnwanad determined to make the Suicide Squad cinematic universe a thing, Leto is set to S

Source: Variety

LOONEY TUNES ARE COMING BACK! Warner Bros. announced a series of short-form toons are being produced for release through multiple media platforms. The

Source: Deadline

A new CRACKEDcO MEN IN BLACK movie will open in 2019. Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, and Liam Neeson will continue the mission to protect the Earth

JOSS WHEDON CRACKED.COM WILL PRODUCE A DARK COMEDY FOR TV. Whedon will be executive producer for Pippa Smith: Grown Up Detective, created by comedians

BRIAN DE PALMA IS WRITING A HORROR MOVIE INSPIRED BY HARVEY WEINSTEIN. VWUU The Carrie director called the movie, entitled Predator, a horror film, w


ABC is launching a Roseanne-less Roseanne spinoff. ROSEANNE WHO? Roseanne was ABC'S greatest hit, but its star was such a liability that they fired he

China blocked HBO because CRACKED.CO John Oliver mocked the president. CHINA Oliver recently devoted a segment of his show to China, including preside

Source: The AV Club

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