How 'Arrested Development’ is Secretly Part of the MCU

Heads up, this article contains major spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War. Consider yourself...Infinity Warned! Boom!

It's a good week to be a fan of Arrested Development. Not only did creator Mitch Hurtwitz announce that we're getting a recut, remastered, remixed-to-ignition edition of the fourth season to correct its "meh"-ness, but he also hinted that the fifth season will be released "like real soon." It's a Cinco de Cuatro miracle! Inflatable chili peppers, sombreros, and party supplies for all!

It's just too bad then, that the show is destined to end in hilarious tragedy for one character.

We've previously talked about how Captain America: Civil War features a subtle nod to Arrested Development in the form of a Bluth Company stair car hiding in the background of the airport fight scene. But that could be any ol' stair car, right? Or an in-universe fan of the show who bought and decorated their own stair car to match ... and rides it to work ... at the airport? Whatever, it doesn't mean that Arrested Development and the MCU exist in the same univer- oh crap.

How 'Arrested Development’ is Secretly Part of the MCUMarvel Studios

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During Infinity War, the Guardians of the Galaxy (minus Rocket and Groot) pay a visit to the Collector in the hope of retrieving the Reality Stone and derailing Thanos' plans. Whilst sneaking through his archives, hawkeyed viewers will notice that one of the tanks contains a frozen Tobias, dressed in the blue paint and denim cutoffs he wore when trying (and failing) to audition for the Blue Man Group.

How 'Arrested Development’ is Secretly Part of the MCUMarvel Studios

How 'Arrested Development’ is Secretly Part of the MCU20th Television

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So what happened? We'd like to think that Tobias eventually makes it big with the Blue Man Group. So big, in fact, that he winds up getting collected by the Collector in order to be sold to a wealthy member of the group's hardcore extraterrestrial fandom (you just know that the Grandmaster is a bloopie), which is possibly the most on-brand fate that Tobias could meet. It's hard to say whether the next Avengers movie or the new season of AD will address this, but if we don't get a scene in which G.O.B. auditions to replace Doctor Strange, what's even the point?

They're not tricks, Mr. Stark, they're ILLUSIONS.20th Television"They're not tricks, Mr. Stark, they're ILLUSIONS."

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