10 Cracked Posts Everyone Went Nuts Over Last Week (3/5)

It was a week of ninjas and zombies. If you'd have gone for pirates and hobos too, then we would have had a party.
10 Cracked Posts Everyone Went Nuts Over Last Week (3/5)

Everything was coming up zombies! Well, except for Venezuela. They have the scene set, but they're still waiting for the reanimated corpses to start shambling in. Herewith, the stuff you shared the hell out of last week.

Why Science Says A Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly)

The survivors of The Walking Dead would leave a lot of troubles behind if they hauled ass from moist, temperate climates and hunkered down in Buffalo or Green Bay.

"If someone tried to bite you right now, you would probably prevent them from doing so..."

33 Facts About Famous People You Won't Believe Are True

How he found the time to do it -- between running the nation and getting shot -- we'll never know.

10 Cracked Posts Everyone Went Nuts Over Last Week (3/5)

"There are amazing facts about famous people that entire industries of publicity people try to keep you from knowing."

They Shoot 'The Walking Dead' In My Town: 6 Weird Realities

Living where The Walking Dead films, there are so many government types prowling around watching you that you'd think some kind of world-ending crisis really was going down.

When The Waiking Dead is filming in 'Alexandria' Georgia, there might as well be real zombies outside. You're not leaving your house. God forbid you g

"Imagine dropping several hundred G's on a lavish home in a gorgeous, quiet suburb. You, sir or madame, have officially Made It. Then one day, you look out the window of your McMansion and its surrounded by a rusty piece of shit "

6 Famous Symbols That Don't Mean What You Think

We knew there was a reason we always liked those Jesus fish.

Shhhooono one say anythingo.. But these are really VAGINAS. CRACKED

"According to some researchers, Christians adopted the vagina-fish symbol simply because of how common it was, but later looked for all sorts of non-vaginal justifications for it."

5 Very Possible Nightmare Scenarios From A Trump Presidency

At least Trump's cuckoo policies have little chance of passing through Congress, right? NOPE. Turns out he doesn't need stupid Congress to fund his amazing wall or kick people out of the country! Most of the tools are already in the presidential toolbox.

10 Cracked Posts Everyone Went Nuts Over Last Week (3/5)

"The International Emergency Economic Powers Act gives the president the authority to declare that something or someone of international origin poses a significant threat to the safety or economy of the United States. After making that declaration, he's free to block transactions and seize assets associated with that threat "

24 'True Story' Oscar Movies That Ignored The Truth

"I must have my revenge!" is way more dramatic than "Give me back my jacket, you jerks!"

THE OSCAR NOMINEE The Revenant is the story of Hugh Glass' revenge against the men who killed his son. REALITY THE Hugh Glass never had a son. And whi

"Look, we all know by this point that Hollywood takes some creative liberties when it comes to attempting to tell a "true" story. But then there are those films where it seems almost criminal to preface them with 'Based On A True Story.'"

5 Ways People Who Cut Themselves Are Nothing Like You Think

You might think of self-harm as a teen-specific cry for help or attention. But it can become a heroin-level habit that shapes your life for decades.

Like with other drugs, your brain eventually develops a tolerance to selftharm. requiring more and more for you to get the same high.

"And yes, there are withdrawal symptoms if you try to quit (another person with experience in self-harm I've spoken with describes tremors and headaches when they tried to stop). Endorphins function like heroin, so when you stop doing the thing that produces them, your body gets mad as hell and starts screaming for that metaphorical needle in your arm. It's been shown that treating victims of self-injury with endorphin-blockers magically makes them stop wanting to cut."

My Wealthy Country Became A Dystopia Overnight: 6 Realities

We like apocalypse fantasies because a part of us thinks it would be kind of fun -- life goes back to basics. However, we sat down with one citizen of Venezuela, where it's apocalyptic-basic as all Hell right now. And the reality isn't great.

These are pictures of an average Venezuelan grocery store in the middle of an average day. Cocu-Cola Ccalols Ger Those weren't taken on the eve of som

"It's reached the point where social media is used to discuss toilet paper strategy. 'We stock up every time we can, because we don't know when there's going to be a shortage again. The most common alternative is to shower right after going to the bathroom. The smallest denomination of money is used for toilet paper, because it's worthless.' We're fairly sure that wasn't a figure of speech."

20 Things Everyone Pictures Incorrectly (Side by Side)

You'll never see the ninja coming. One day the cleaning dude will stop at your desk to empty the waste basket, then - BLAM - defenestrated!

CRACKED comr This is a Kabuki Real ninjas dressed costume. to blend in.

"Thanks to Hollywood, we like to think we have a pretty good idea about what the past looked like. But it turns out, no of course we don't because Hollywood is as dumb as we are."

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