Crackedoids: Viggo Keeps It Real Edition

We took whole articles, and then, using a USDA-inspected process, selected only the finest informational snouts and hooves and lovingly crafted the equivalent of fact hot dogs -- for you, the Internet. Share them with your unenlightened friends on social media -- or put them in your scrambled eggs.

They're satisfying and might even make you look smarter. We call them on the pics for more!


6 Iconic Movie Scenes That Happened by Accident

Viggo keeps it real, unlike a certain CGI Gollum.

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The 5 Worst Deaths Written for Great Characters (And Why)

The only acceptable option here would have been death by snu snu.

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The 5 Most Badass (And Possibly Insane) Athletes Of All-Time

In 1978, the "heavyweight champion of the ABA" went to Uganda - possibly as a mercenary. Then he disappeared without a damn trace.

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The 5 Strangest Things Evolution Left in Your Body

It's not a talent that would turn Professor X's head, but still pretty cool there, Wiggler.

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5 Ridiculous Animal Myths That You Probably Believe

You're not off the hook on this one, sociopaths. Tearing a living thing in half is typically not beneficial or without consequences for that thing.

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