5 Sites That Prove the U.S. Government Sucks at the Internet

These were all funded by your tax dollars, of course.
5 Sites That Prove the U.S. Government Sucks at the Internet

We're gonna go ahead and guess that only a small percentage of you like to browse government websites for fun. That's a real shame, because buried among all the boring and useless information about "doing your taxes" and "signing up for health care" and lists of those fascist "don't dig up the streets looking for pirate gold" rules, you can find nuggets of bizarrely fascinating material. Here, bad mini-games, cartoons made by psychopaths, and other, harder to define insanities abound -- all funded by your tax dollars, of course.

The NSA's Kids' Site Is Even Creepier Than the Adult One

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The NSA is not exactly the most popular group with kids today, which is weird because they have a sweet hip-hop turtle and everything! What more could you ungrateful little brats want?!

Cryptokids America's Futire Codemakers Codebreokers www.nsa.gov/kids

Suspiciously not pictured: Eddie Snowed-in, the gossipy penguin.

Since 2005, the NSA's CryptoKids characters have tried to steer the youngest Americans into embracing a fun and wacky career in code-breaking. Each CryptoKid has an elaborate backstory, which means that some poor bastard had to come up with nine different explanations for why an anthropomorphic squirrel would give a shit about cryptography. For example, there's T. Top, the Linkin Park-wannabe turtle whose hobbies include computer programming and consistently spelling "cool" like a douche:

really cool caw-ike arm that PicKS things up for with a little more programming I bet J can get The Interoet is totally KEWL Most people think that it

Another bearded Web user posing as a 14-year-old.

And then there's Decipher Dog, the apparent leader of the kids. What's his "Favorite Project"? He's really stoked about that time he helped his stepmom set up a home Wi-Fi network ... which he says he monitors to see what programs his stepsister is using.

ghout the houce so that we coenld al be ordines and connected e. Plus w wouldnt ve all thoce cablee lying around thery all the time Anyway. I did al o

Decipher Dog says: "I know what porn you like, and I'm judging you!"

The U.S. Mint Store Makes SkyMall Look Classy

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US Mint

Of all the areas of the government, the last one you'd expect to be so strapped for cash that they have to resort to late-night infomercials is the U.S. Mint. If you'd asked us to describe what usmint.gov looks like without visiting it, we would have guessed "Wikipedia, but plainer." The truth is closer to "basic cable channel at 2 a.m."

Home Shop roduct Schedule Learn Customar Service Newsroom About BACKOROERSD. RUT yOUU CAN STELL ORR A Must-Have: Our First Curved Coins' 2034 National
US Mint

"We also pay CA$H for your gold!! We ... have no shortage of cash."

Go ahead, try to spend that curved coin with a baseball glove on it. Maybe the folks at the 7-Eleven will take such pity on your shitty counterfeiting skills that they won't even call the cops. Bored of seeing Washington and Lincoln's faces on your pocket change? The U.S. Mint has your back. You can now purchase this set of 25 Warren G. Harding $1 coins for just $32.95 -- and no, because we know it's the first question on your mind: There's no household limit.

2014 Warren G. Harding Presidential $1 Coin 25-Coin Roll - Philadelphia (WA1) Zeam Mntage Be NANE $32.95 ARDING Dnolocs Lmit Nino G. ael Orde imit Ne
US Mint

Collect the full "Heroes of the Teapot Dome" set!

The U.S. Mint also offers coins featuring the First Spouses! Impress friends and amuse surly newspaper vendors, who certainly won't beat you ferociously when you try to pay them with currency featuring images of Lucy Hayes and Ida McKinley, celebrating such achievements as "organizing the first White House Easter Egg Roll" and "crocheting slippers for charity"!

5 Sites That Prove the U.S. Government Sucks at the Internet
US Mint

We can't show you what's on the reverse of the limited Lewinski edition.

So obsessed is the mint with the First Spouse series that they didn't let bachelor president James Buchanan disrupt their flow. They posthumously married him to the abstract concept of Liberty.

US Mint

Liberty gave herself to everyone, which is why hubby Buck in the background looks so sad.

The bronze medal of the second George W. Bush inauguration reminds us that "freedom cannot be denied." But savings cannot be denied either! And remember, when buying those William Henry Harrison coins, shipping may take longer than his one month in office.

The Missile Defense Agency Protects America by Ripping Off Atari Games

Missile Defense Agency

The Missile Defense Agency has a very important mission: stopping hostile missiles from hitting American soil. Such a tech-intensive and crucial agency requires the best and brightest, so how do they convince people to join? Why, by using their massive budget to put a crappy Flash game on their employment page, of course.

SCORE TIME -20 1111114111 LIEE METER 11-1--ts 00.53 -00 LEVEL Z
Missile Defense Agency

"Uh ... sir, some kid put in the Konami Code and now has full control of NORAD."

If that game looks familiar to you, then congratulations, you're an old-school nerd from back when that used to mean something (mostly wedgies). Yep, the government is employing a rather shameless rip-off of classic Atari arcade game Missile Command:

11315 1/ 0500

"Actually, we funded that, too, to subliminally train '80s kids to pilot drones."

The Department of Defense called their knock-off "The Interceptor," and it consists of four levels spent protecting generic cities from a barrage of explosive balls. Are they projectiles sent by a hostile power? A poorly timed refuse dump from the International Space Station? Aliens? Your job is to mindlessly click the "throw missile" button, soldier, not to ask questions. But whether you save America from the explosive meatballs or doom it to a spicy death, the reward is the same: a screen inviting you to learn more about the agency ... which leads to a 404 error page.

Missile Defense Agency

Surprise! Just by choosing to play, you failed the job interview.

Good job, agency literally responsible for making sure we don't all explode.

5 Sites That Prove the U.S. Government Sucks at the Internet

FEMA Wants Kids to Fear Space Weather


The children's website for FEMA has a bunch of disaster fact sheets to help kids know what to do during every conceivable disaster. Which is great! Surely nobody can mock such a noble and useful effort. Why, there are helpful how-tos here for surviving everything from a landslide to a home fire to ... "space weather"?

Weather Space LISNEWSNES NO SERVICE Space weather refers to the changing conditions of the sun and space that can affect the technology we use on Eart

You'll know it's coming because the space dogs will start howling.

The Space Weather pamphlet informs kids that, in the event of a solar flare, it's perfectly normal for your toilet to stop working. Which is ... odd. First of all, why would one of a child's primary concerns during a gargantuan solar storm be a working toilet? They barely use that thing anyway, the filthy little animals. Plus, is that even true? Solar flares mostly affect electronics, right? Is this pamphlet aimed at well-off Japanese kids with their fancy talking commodes, or are solar flares way worse than we've been led to believe? Where is the space weather pamphlet for adults, you bastards?!

Then, when you've finished reading and memorizing all the fact sheets and the many, many poo-disposal-related tips, the real fun can begin: The FEMA site also includes an interactive comic called Disaster Master, in which a bunch of children that God clearly hates come across a wildfire, a tornado, an earthquake, a tsunami, and more, one right after another. As you follow the story, you're presented with multiple-choice questions about what the kids should do in each emergency, and none of the options are "repent." You get two chances to make the wrong decision, because on the third it's "game over, those children are all dead by your hand."

5 GAME OVER Srey awt af wide. abe pE Th moher e eoter dhence el fating 00 el Pay ia?

But the toilet is safe, and that's what's important.

The Department of Labor Has a Brutal "Ways to Die in a Mine" Cartoon Series

Department of Labor

Look, we get why it's important to make children aware of mine safety. Their lungs are rubbery and resilient -- great at breathing coal dust -- and we need their little hands to reach into tight spots and grab our valuable minerals, but nobody wants them dead. Children, if possible, should be alive. We get that. We're not monsters. What we don't get is why the Department of Labor apparently employed the children themselves to make its hastily slapped together mine safety website:

Department of Labor

Seems like that time would be better spent in the mines, that's all we're saying.

In these fun cartoons, the generic boy hero (let's call him Trespassing Timmy) is depicted playing with explosives:

h e
Department of Labor

"You will be propelled into the air like in a movie, and it will be awesome. DON'T DO THIS."

Jumping into a quarry while aiming directly at a clearly visible, exposed rock:

Department of Labor

That's like 3 inches deep. He would have died anyway.

Or sitting under an apparently moving vehicle:

Department of Labor

"I welcome death. Maybe this time I won't be pulled back. Maybe I will know peace."

Once Timmy gets inside the actual mine, the cartoons play out like a particularly mean-spirited Choose Your Own Adventure book -- will you be crushed to death by the rotting timber or the crumbling wall? Do you fall from a faulty ladder or a broken winze? Do you pet the snake? Turn to Page 42.

5 Sites That Prove the U.S. Government Sucks at the Internet
Department of Labor

Hey, kids, can you find Timmy in this image? Hint: You should NOT pet the snake.

Gavin is installing stained glass windows on his bunker so when zombies bust through on Day 1 there will be a cool gothic vibe. He also has a Twitter.

For more things our tax dollars are probably being wasted on, check out 11 Things the CIA Is Keeping From Us.

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