Top Picks for 02.26.2010: Crazy Fans and Crazy Trick Shots

Top Picks for 02.26.2010: Crazy Fans and Crazy Trick Shots

Some of the best stuff from around the web and the Mirth Canal.


The 10 Sickest Trick Shot Videos on the Internet:

The craziest fans from the Olympics:

If you don't think cookie cutters can be badass then shut your face you're wrong:

A series of awful headlines:

Step one to saving your terrible video: face plant:

How a sidewalk becomes a cave:

In a couple weeks, The Pacific debuts. Here's five things you didn't know:

10 Blockbusters That Sucked:

This chick is eating a live octopus. Hot:

Robots Can't Act: Pulp Fiction:

Holy shit, the Earth is awesome:
Thanks to Schroeder in the Mirth Canal.

These are some manly fucking cupcakes:

The people behind your favorite animated characters:

The best of Tim & Eric (Season Four):

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Need information on Middle Earth's plant life? There's a page for that.
Submitted by Fortyfootwolf in the Mirth Canal.

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The 14 Funniest Police Composite Sketches:

What you've all been dying to see: sex scenes from Back to the Future:

Meet the sexiest superfan:

Question: Is it possible for wooden art to be badass? Answer: Fuck yes it can:

11 menus that used babelfish for their translations:

Top 5 Foreign Crime Film Movies:

6 Movies That Didn't Meet the Hype:

Happy 89th Birthday, Abe Vigoda!:

John Mayer's 16 Douchiest Quotes So Far:

We don't care if they are singing Savage Garden. We're still not going to fuck with these guys:
Thanks to nchammer326 in the Mirth Canal.

It's the final (a capella) countdown!:

Babies with laser eyes!:

What China wants Google to looks like:

This monkey is awesome:

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Pointy hats. Just... pointy fucking hats
Submitted by nchammer326 in the Mirth Canal.

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A guide to handshaking for dudes:

9 Public Proposals Gone Painfully Wrong:

Two and a Half Men redubbed with an honest "laugh" track:

We smell a new number one hip-hop single coming up:

Did you know these scenes used green screen?:
Thanks to Kram in the Mirth Canal.

The 10 Hottest Baseball Reporters:

A follow up to our favorite bearded asskicker:

If Namor designed our vehicles:

An opinion on the Kevin Smith fiasco:

Not interested in the iPad? Here are some alternatives:

The Jedi Gym: "If we can't get your nerdy ass out of the basement, nothing can.":

Famous apologies that were better than Tiger Woods's:

England: Knowing their priorities since 1997:

This guide can't only be for bananas:

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: The controversy behind "cellar door."
Submitted by StrangeHoney in the Mirth Canal.

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Mario Kart Bumper Stickers:

Bacon never looked so fucking good:

The Funniest News Paper Ads Ever Printed:

Back to the Future meets Star Wars and is as awesome as you'd expect:

Cream Wolf:

An interview with Aziz Ansari:

Folks, this is Oakland (part one):
Thanks to BondFiction in the Mirth Canal.

The Most Painful Figure Skating Falls on the Internet:

The 10 Most Influential African Americans In Sci Fi:

If Women Wrote Men's Magazines:

Juggalo patrol: What happens when you rat out your fellow officers:

We thought something like this was only possible in America. Thanks, Australia!:

Folks, this is Oakland (part two):
Thanks to Sanchez in the Mirth Canal.

The 50 Funniest Google Search Suggestions:

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Is this the inspiration for Monty Python's Killer Rabbit?
Submitted by Quagmar in the Mirth Canal.


A tribute to Andre the Giant:

25 Awesome Guitars:

7 Videogames and their Movie Equivalents (Part I):

Chernobyl: 5 Things You Didn't Know:

The 7 Craziest Game Show Host Moments Ever:

Hilarious sportscasting fail:

Robot Unicorn Attack:

10 Other Islands Besides Shutter Island Not Worth Visiting:

Sexy Sesame Street costumes designed to excite hormones in five-year-old boys:

A moving tale from Roger Ebert:
Thanks to David Wong in the Mirth Canal.

Coffee house + chess + Indianapolis = most boring ghost ever:

A tremendously retarded fanfic:
Thanks to Hungarian in the Mirth Canal.

Read this so you can do Mardi Gras right this year:

We don't expect much from the insect world. However, failing at flying is just plain unacceptable:

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: The terrible truth behind Disney parks.
Submitted by Quagmar in the Mirth Canal.


13 Ridiculous Things You Didn't Know About U.S. Presidents:

The 7 Most Electable and Impeachable Movie Presidents:

20 People Who Are Cooler Than You:

The 30 Hottest Fictional Cheerleaders in History:

We would buy every insurance impossible if American companies made their commercials like these:

And now the news with Dave Willis:

39 Perfectly Timed Sports Photos:

Give Texans a little snow, and they'll do awesome shit with it:

Deja View: Iron Man versus Batman:

A frightening look at Mr. Rogers:

Revisiting those old poses:

"Oh you don't like the cuffs? Off to the asylum with you, then.":

Top 10 iPhone Travel Apps:

Porn stars name their favorite presidents:

Get the fuck of the plane, Kevin Smith, you fatty:
Thanks to Bender_is_Great in the Mirth Canal.

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Don't think Greedo shooting first was a big deal? You are quite mistaken.
Submitted by Gishface in the Mirth Canal.


How to survive an assassination attempt on Valentine's Day:

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover:

10 Grossest Adult Swim Hook Ups:

21 photos of people doin' it right:

Outrageous Vintage Ads That Show Us How Far We've Come:

G.I. Joe Valentines:

Quite possibly the cutest picture for 2010:

Dolph Lundgren should totally be hosting the Academy Awards this year:
Thanks to Disco Stu in the Mirth Canal.

Another waste of butter... but at least it's hilarious:

How to make the office jealous of you on Valentine's Day (you know, in case your office is open Sunday):

10 reasons to care about this year's Winter Olympics:

10 Classic Horror Films That Should Be Remade Like The Wolfman:

The greatest ninja move of all time? Monkey Steals The Peach:

Two words: Whiskey. Toothpaste:

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: These are the gayest penguins.
Submitted by anfielder the great in the Mirth Canal.


Top 9 Mooninites Moments:

The 8 Best "Beware of Dog" Signs:

Super Bowl Ice Breakers:

A beautiful woman reviews Wolfman. What more do you need?:

The 9 Most Ridiculous Reasons Kids Have Been Arrested:

Can't Beaker just play his song?:
Thanks to Ralf23 in the Mirth Canal.

5 Ways Sleep Deprivation Can Kill You:

16 biggest wastes of butter. Think of how much popcorn all that could've gone on:

The 25 Most Gruesome Injuries in Sports History:

Is... is fruit suppose to arouse us like this?:

Quite possibly the most "awwww" inducing story of the year: Ming-Ming the disabled duckling teaches an autistic boy to walk:

This Valentine's day, get married underwater:

This headline is just baffling:

Looks like Bucholz won't be the only person snuggling up with his cat this Sunday:

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: In case you wanted the "more cowbell" skit dissected for you, here it is.
Submitted by conker the great in the Mirth Canal.


13 Things Not to Get Your Valentine This Year:

What happens when you add old Manning family photos to vintage ads? Absolutely nothing:

Here in is Snooki photobombing the shit out of the world:

Hey Lindsey Vonn, care to take us down the bunny slope? (Honestly, we have no idea how to ski.):

Looks like they finally updated the ski warnings:

Whatcha got written on your hand there, Sarah Palin?:

Monkeys make everything look cool:

"If it's not too much trouble, could you move these trains you parked in front of my house... two months ago? You know, just when you have a chance. Thanks.":

Futuristic, 80s-Influenced Technology Available Now:

Axe Cop. 'Nuff said:
Thanks to MattThermo in the Mirth Canal.

10 Ingenious Ways to Get Rid of a Dead Body In Movies:

This headline is just baffling:

25 Ironic Signs:

Seriously, man, you couldn't wait until you got home to look at Internet porn?:

10 Products That Shouldn't Exist:

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: People actually wasted their time listing alien cats.
Submitted by Mortal Wombat in the Mirth Canal.


Carl's pick for the Super Bowl:

A photo essay on why hipsters are just awful people:

And the Grammy for best song about losing a woman through a portal to Hell goes to:

The 10 Worst Super Bowl Commercials of All Time:

The Aliens rap might just be one of the most beautiful things we've ever seen:

Our congratulations to Fresno for rating as America's drunkest city. We did our part for Santa Monica here at the office. Can't win 'em all, unfortunately:

Dwight Schrute's Top 10 Skills and Where to Obtain Them:

This might be the best gaming controller since the SNES Ascii pad:

It's the Snoopy D-O-Double-Gizzle presenting the S-T-something... something... Star Wars sneaker:

LARPing is truly, truly frightening:

Pubic hair fashion show. Other than NSFW, there's really not much more to say:
Thanks to daimon67 in the Mirth Canal.

Herb Johnson knows kung fu:

The 15 Worst Taglines Ever Written:

Superhero Bowl: Marvel versus DC:

If college course guides told the truth:

The Top 10 Super Bowl Half Time Shows:

Which Lost character are you?:

The 10 Hottest NFL Cheerleading Squads:

What is your plan for Super Bowl Sunday?:

Zach Galifianakis gets Charlize Theron between two ferns:

Parents do the darndest things (to their kids):

5 Reasons the Saints Will Win:

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Have you ever wanted to know who has been pied in their lifetime? Here's your answer.
Submitted by SalmonVsTuna in the Mirth Canal.


Previously on Lost (Edition):

...people on the Internet started telling the truth:

...America entered the sex-robot race. (Take that Japan.): Just man-babies:

...Hitler really hated the iPad (of course):

...thousands of people inexplicably subjected themselves to eight miles of fire, electricity and barbed wire:

...a nutjob with a LiveJournal answered with frightening length and detail the question:
Thanks to Sanchez in the Mirth Canal.

...Americans discovered increasingly imaginative ways to send themselves to an early grave:

...the stupidest country lyrics of all time were discovered:

...the preview for Freaknik, starring Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne and T-Pain, debuted:

...Bill Waterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes, appeared for a rare interview:

...Michael was apparently a white football coach:

...Wolverine gave out his essential dating tips:

...the Snuggle Bear took the day off:

...the Oscar nominations came out: queens went wild:

...Michael Bay's earliest known work was discovered:

...the AARP became interested in teaching your grandparents to sext:

...athletes were caught in hilarious positions:

...the Dutch displayed their nightmare-inducing soup commercial:
Thanks to nchammer326 in the Mirth Canal.

...Roland Emmerich drove a boat:

...Google enjoys fucking with us:

...the island is actually a subway:

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: People like to steal Baby Jesus.
Submitted by Jay2111 in the Mirth Canal.

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