5 of the Funniest Moments from Scot Armstrong's Films

If you've laughed at it, he's probably worked on it. But which are the funniest moments from Scot Armstrong's dick joke oeuvre? We've got five pretty strong candidates from Old School, Starsky and Hutch, Elf and Bad Santa for you to choose from.

Old School
Scot's Involvement: Writer (w/ Todd Phillips)
Scene: Armstrong says that Vaughn is one of his favorite actors to write for, and this scene shows exaclty why, as Vaughn lets off the rapid-fire verbal fireworks that have become his trademark. It also marks the first time Vaughn appeared in a major studio film playing a variation of Double Down Trent (
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Swingers and Made, though popular, were independent films). Thankfully for us, it doesn't look like he'll ever have to play anyone else for the rest of his career.

Starsky and Hutch
Scot's Involvement: Writer (w/ Todd Phillips)
Scene:As any frat boy can tell you, nothing's funnier than putting foreign substances in people's drinks, and then watching them freak (or pass) out. Here, Stiller does the most convincing approximation of a coke-head we've seen on film since the 1986 Mets Championship video.
Bad Santa
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Scot's Involvement: Un-credited Rewrite
Scene: What's funnier than nut shots? How about a chain reaction of nut shots? Add a fat kid, a midget and a hung over Billy Bob Thorton and you've got a pretty close approximation of the post-Oscar party at Robert Evans' place. You've also got comedy gold.
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Scot's Involvement: Un-credited Rewrite
Scene: Besides Vaughn, Armstrong's other favorite actor to write for is Will Ferrell, whose comedy he says comes from his ability to convey a completely authentic naivety. To Ferrell's credit, he also takes a jump kick to the chest extremely well. When he extends his arms out to hug the furious, charging midget, it is Ferrell at his oblivious best.
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Old School
Scot's Involvement: Writer (w/ Todd Phillips)
Scene: Something else Ferrell's not so bad at is surprising bursts of violence, and this montage gives him a chance to let 'er rip, first with a shockingly vicious diving tackle and then by telling an overweight housewife that he's going to "f*****g kill" her if she calls the cops.
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