Fed Up Bob Barker Unloads on Contestants

Hollywood - The final episode of "The Price is Right," which was scheduled to air June 15, will not be broadcast after host Bob Barker went on several profanity-laden tirades against the long running game show' contestants and viewers during its taping.

The 83 year-old Barker, who has hosted the show for 35 years, taped the final episode of "The Price is Right" on Wednesday.

"That' a long time to be the host of one show, putting up with these moronic contestants," said veteran game show producer Ted Dalerao. "I'm surprised it took this long for Bob to finally tell the truth."
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According to sources, Barker lost control of his temper when the first batch of contestants all bid over $1,500 for a KitchenAid 700-Watt 12-Cup Food Processor.

"You a**holes! It' a damn food processor, not a car," said Barker as he berated the contestants. "Let' try this again, and if any of you f*ckers overbid one more time, this long-sticked microphone is going straight up your asses! Got me?!"

CBS declined an interview, but released a statement that said there was an incident on the final taping of "Price of Right" and that the episode would not air.
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Possibly the worst incident happened when contestants had a chance to spin the famous "money wheel" to get a spot in the Showcase Showdown.

"This one contestant, a 87 year-old grandmother from Tulsa, got 90 cents on her first spin and decided to spin again," said a staffer who wished to remain anonymous. "Bob immediately started yelling at her: 'You've got to be sh*tting me! Are you retarded, you old hag?!"

The staffer said Barker then went over to the Plinko set, grabbed several of the game' giant discs, and started throwing them at contestants. Two players were rushed to the hospital suffering from blunt head trauma.
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"We knew Bob had lost it, but we wanted him just to tape the last Showcase Showdown so viewers wouldn't know something went wrong," said the staffer. "In hindsight, that was a mistake." Barker did make it through the Showcase Showdown, but during his usual sign off, he reportedly became frustrated again. "You know, your pets aren't the only ones who should be getting spayed and neutered," Barker screamed into the camera. "All of you fat housewives and unemployed losers watching TV at 11 A.M. need to make sure you don't create another generation of pathetic slobs who actually think it' fun to see somebody guess whether a can of beans costs more or less than $1.35."
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