The 4 Most Popular Cracked Designs Now Available for iPhones

Happy Halloween, friend. We're guessing you've got your costume lined up by now, or else you're hustling something together last-minute like a freewheeling outlaw of holiday fun. But you know what probably looks pretty boring? The phone you're likely reading this on.

We told you last week about our team-up with Society6, and this week we're taking it to the next level. Now that we dress your body and walls and duvet covers, we're upping our game and hooking you up with iPhone cases!

And while we're stamping those out we might as well protect your iPad, give your iPhone a whole new skin, and trick out your laptop. Your gadgets deserve to have as much style as you do, whether they're getting you through your day or leading the inevitable robot uprising. You might be looking at our hit "Party On, Bane" design and wondering what other designs you can get for your tech.

How about that and our Thunder Tesla, our Space Cowboys, and our formerly limited-edition Prism Break designs? Slap/attach them on almost anything in your life that needs batteries, and enjoy people saying, "Hey, look at that cool Kirk-as-Wyatt-Earp illustration," instead of, "Ugh, I see nothing but plain boring MacBook Pros whenever I make my daily trip to this Starbucks/our college student union/arrival gate K17 at O'Hare Airport." (Or wherever.)

And watch out for a lot more of our many T-shirt designs making the leap to tech soon, just like they now grace everything from tote bags to art prints to late-fall-worthy hoodies. We've even got a couple wall clocks for you if you're into that.

And more coming soon! We swear, we'll get everything printed on everything soon. So if the design you want isn't on the item you want yet, just give it time.

That was a reference to the clocks from before!

Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

In case our hundreds of designs on a dozen kinds of merch doesn't meet your needs, we're nice enough about that rejection to show you some of the best new shirts other parts of the Internet have to offer. It's our way of telling you we love you (unless you don't feel that way (did we say that too soon in the relationship (we take it back lol where do you want to eat?))).


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Available at Society6

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