4 Great Ideas That No One Uses Correctly Anymore

Remember in 2004 when Napoleon Dynamite came out, and all of the sudden saying stuff like "Whatever I feel like I'm gonna do. Gosh!" and "A liger is pretty much my favorite animal" was funny and clever and fresh? Remember how a year later, like three of your friends were still inserting "Gimme some of your tots!" into random conversations for no reason, and now, 11 years after it came out, Napoleon Dynamite has been completely ruined and is totally unwatchable for anyone?

Well, the Internet doesn't just do that with jokes; it also does it with ideas. People find a cool thing that they like, and they repeat it because they want to show off how cool and clever they are and get some residual credit. But because they don't understand the idea in the first place, it just ends up getting ruined. For example ...

#4. The "Manic Pixie Dream Girl"

In 2007, Nathan Rabin coined the term "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" to describe Kirsten Dunst's "psychotically chipper" character in Elizabethtown, whom we can only pray was named "Elizabeth." Rabin said that she was just the latest version of a weird trope movies use: female characters with no depth beyond being "quirky" and no purpose to the story other than helping the male character loosen up and be free through the power of sex magic.

MTV.com/Fox Searchlight
Here's an example from a movie that people have actually seen.

He was totally right, too. These characters show up famously in movies like Garden State, Sweet November, and Enchanted. But my favorite example is probably from Doctor Who, in which longtime companion Clara Oswald actually says: "I don't know where I am. It's like I'm breaking into a million pieces, and there's one thing I remember. I have to save The Doctor." It's important to have a purpose in life, I guess.

"Look at all my agencyyyyyyyy!!"

It was a neat observation. And why it's an issue was actually summed up pretty perfectly by Natalie Portman herself:

"I appreciate that people are writing characters that are interesting and unusual, rather than some bland female character as the girlfriend in a movie, but when the point of the character in this movie is to, like, help the guy have his arc, that's sort of the problem, and that's why it's good that they're talking about it, because it certainly is a troubling trope."

There's just one problem: The Internet is super dumb.

How We Ruined It

The biggest misunderstanding surrounding Rabin's criticism is that it describes any kooky female character. That's why Diane Keaton in Annie Hall and Katharine Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby and Maria Rainer in The Sound of Music have been called "Manic Pixie Dream Girls." You may as well say that Sally Albright from When Harry Met Sally is one, too. And Marge Gunderson from Fargo, because she's got a funny accent. Or you could acknowledge that giving a female character some distinguishing traits is actually just what writing is.

Gramercy Pictures
For Pete's sake.

Imagine the person who thinks like this. They read blog posts, pick out buzzwords, excitedly repeat them all day, and then confuse that with actual thought. They don't actually care about context or nuance so much as they do gathering trend-credit for using this shiny new term. "Belle from Beauty And The Beast?" they ask sweetly. "Ever notice how she has fun that one time and let helps Beast grow as a person? Why, she's nothing but a stupid Panic Mixie Dream Person!"

Incidentally, this is exactly why Rabin apologized for inventing the term. His idea had been murdered by stupid people.

#3. "It's Satire!"

By far my favorite type of stupidity is when someone doesn't understand a satirist. That's why I frequent the blog Literally Unbelievable, which aggregates social media posts made by people who think The Onion is a real news site. It's not, by the way; The Onion is a website for jokes.

The Onion
This didn't really happen.

How We Ruined It

If the definition of a "meme" is a deceptively simple concept that gets repeated endlessly and instinctively regardless of context or thought, then "It's satire" is probably the most popular meme ever. Now, there are a lot of hot-button examples I could use in this entry. I could talk about comedians being murdered over offensive jokes. Or I could talk about the phenomenon of hipster racism, in which dudes who look a lot like me think that they can get away with saying racist and homophobic stuff just because they're doing it "ironically." But instead I'm going to talk about something far more important: Starship Troopers.

Tristar Pictures
Never forget.

You already knew that Starship Troopers was a satire, because any time somebody mentions this movie, they follow it up with an explanation of how nobody understands that it's a satire with a glint in their eye that, if you zoom in, is actually the concept of irony dying in a house fire. This is a movie in which the heroes dress in actual Nazi SS uniforms and high school teachers explain "the failure of democracy." The movie uses satire the way an eight-year-old uses curses when her mother is at the grocery store. Everybody gets that this movie is a satire. Everybody.

The insufferable arrogance at the center of every "It's satire!" claim is that people who disagree with you just don't get it. I "get" Starship Troopers and I like it a lot, but a lot of other people "get" the movie and happen to hate it. That's fine. "Satire" is not a defense of shittiness. It has nothing to do with quality at all.

The reality is that Starship Troopers is a fun, dumb movie with some clever bits thrown in to make you feel less guilty about what you're enjoying, like Flintstones Vitamins in a bowl of Lucky Charms (don't try that, it's no good). That's fine. But if you want to talk about actual brilliant satire, then just put in Robocop.

Orion Pictures
Or just put in Robocop because it's fucking Robocop.

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