10 Inevitable Gritty Reboots Nobody Asked For

We're living in serious times. The news is littered with tales of wanton violence and destruction on what seems like a daily basis, and it's been that way for a long time now. Unsurprisingly, the movies we pay money to see have taken a similar turn toward the darker side of life. That's especially true when it comes to the films and franchises Hollywood deems worthy of resurrection. No matter how lighthearted the original may have been, you can rest assured that if a movie comes back today, shit is going to be dark. It's a trend that became borderline exhausting years ago, but damn if it shows any signs of stopping anytime soon. So with that in mind, we're taking another look into the future to predict the next wave of gritty reboots we should expect to see in the coming months.

#10. The Giving Tree

#9. G.I. Joe

#8. Perfect Strangers

#7. Freakazoid

#6. Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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