The 5 Most Insane Celebrity Comic Book Cameos

#2. Princess Diana joins the X-Statix (2003)

In 2003, writer Peter Milligan announced that the deceased Diana, Princess of Wales would be joining the X-Statix, a media-whoring X-Men spin-off team. In an interview with The Guardian UK, Milligan noted that "Diana exerted a strange, mysterious power from beyond the grave," so why not turn that into a mutant power?

Diana was set to appear in a storyline cheekily titled "Di Another Day." Her zombified body would join the X-Statix, thwart assassination attempts from the British Royal Family, and thwart further assassination attempts from her jealous teammates, who would grow increasingly annoyed that she was hogging the limelight.

Milligan's run on X-Statix received critical acclaim for satirizing both comic book and tabloid cliches, so as idiotic as this all sounds, it could have been good satire. Maybe.

Where it goes wrong ...
Unfortunately, Di's cameo was a little too crazy for some people. And when we say "some people," we mean "most people." And when we say "most people," we mean "also the British Royal Family."

Marvel never published Diana's appearances. After an outcry from Buckingham Palace and the press, particularly UK tabloid The Daily Mail, Marvel redacted the story. Milligan replaced Di with "Henrietta Hunter," a European popstar who was a replica of Di with the exception of a bouffant haircut.

The Diana debacle may have helped kill X-Statix. After Marvel delayed the comic (presumably to draw all the bouffants), sales dwindled and, eight issues later, the series was extinguished like a candle in the wind.

And to make things worse ...
This was not the last time Marvel ran afoul of European royalty. In 2005, Marvel was on the receiving end of a lawsuit from King Juan Carlos I of Spain after an artist turned him into Magneto.

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