Maybe the most important thing you need to know about werewolves is that John Steinbeck wrote werewolf pulp fiction and his estate won't let us see it. Remember how in the Bible, how Moses freed the Israelites from slavery, spent 40 years leading them through the desert to the Promised Land, then died before he could live in the Promised Land? That's us, knowing there's werewolf smut from the guy who wrote Of Mice and Men we can't read. Think what happened to Lenny was horrifying? You don't know the bloodthirsty, full moon-howlin' half of it. 

Werewolves grew out of fear of Viking berserkers, which honestly? Rad. Less rad is how werewolves would be allergic to everything. Kinda throws a cold glass of water on the radfest we were having. We're going to assume there's some sort of “no lamewad qualities” to the myth, which is why no werewolf ever died because they bought the wrong kind of earring backs. 


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