We understand Cracked is known for listed articles and infographics. There's good reason for this: lists are easy to organize, and pictures say at least more than one word, we think. But sometimes a topic leeches onto one of our writers' thought-maker, and we have to take a deeper dive. Serious news organizations might devote longreads to ending homelessness or how orca whales are dealing with global warming, and we think that's rad. But we're a comedy site. The internet's only comedy site, since 1958. So we like to get weird. 

Wanna read an entire history of The Grateful Dead? Of course you do, Phil Jackson, go ahead and treat yourself to some Cherry Garcia ice cream while you're at it. Speaking of eating, we do it weird. Or maybe you'd like more serious fare, like how Satan is responsible for America. Oh, you doubt that the supernatural exists? Explain Tommy Wiseau. There's all that and plenty more below. Dive deep!


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