4 Groups of Fans Who Have Apparently Lost Their Mind

These groups react by defending their absolutely indefensible celebrity hero, which leads to deranged overreactions such as these.
4 Groups of Fans Who Have Apparently Lost Their Mind

Whenever a famous person turns crazy -- and we've pointed out that it can happen to even the most respected celebrities (you're next, Betty White) -- their fans will solemnly step back and say to their fallen idol, "We're not going to fawn over you until you get your shit together." Just kidding! They'll react by defending their absolutely indefensible celebrity hero, which leads to deranged overreactions such as these ...

Paula Deen Fans Are Redefining Racism

What Happened:

As you may have heard, professional TV chef and walking parody of Southern values Paula Deen recently admitted to dropping the N-bomb and outright lamented the fact that we don't have singing and dancing slaves anymore. So yeah, she's either A) a racist or B) cursed with an undiagnosed mental condition where "Song of the South" plays on a loop in her brain 24/7.

The Defense:

Numerous Facebook Groups have cropped up in Deen's defense, with a recurring argument being "She's not racist because n***** n***** n*****." Seriously, some fans are arguing that no one should feel offended by the N-word ... unless, of course, you are the N-word.

What a sad country we live int The word n is just a word! The only reason this word is taboo is so we can keep this country divided and keep racism al

Triple exclamation points: the call sign of any well-thought-out argument.

Others have taken this as a chance to clear up some historical misconceptions:

you are the reason for racism. You are small minded, and hateful. Why don't you die. Monday at 08:26 Like Yes, you need to get over slavery, We made t

"Black people, you owe whites for something that happened 148 years ago! But, please, leave the past in the past."

Granted, Deen apparently didn't have the brightest fanbase to begin with, considering that many of her followers spent days bombarding the wrong channel with demands that they bring her back.

Chris Brown Fans Love Beating Up Women

What Happened:

Chris Brown is known for two things: beating the shit out of women, and not apologizing for it. We're also vaguely aware that he has some kind of music career, but we can't imagine why anyone would care once those first two things are on the table.

The Defense:

Whereas most fans of tarnished musicians prefer to talk about mistakes and forgiveness, the most ardent of Chris Brown fans toe the party line, deep into the Mountains of Madness. (Yes, we are saying Chris Brown fans are worse than Cthulhu.)

Whenever anyone on Twitter mentions Chris Brown or his propensity for beating women, "Team Breezy" -- the appropriately moronic name of Brown's Internet peanut gallery -- likes to respond by threatening to beat up more women. For example, when model Chrissy Teigen made fun of Brown's lip-synching, she was immediately rewarded with hundreds of barely literate death threats.

1h @chrissyteigen bitch who the fuck are you hoe? you unknown bitch you need some DICK in yo life? U mod? cause he winning.. bitch get A life ta Retwe

Thank God these kids aren't Milli Vanilli fans.

And hey: Blatant threats are actually the least creepy part, somehow. We haven't gotten to the legions of women who want Chris Brown to beat them up.

Like I've said multiple times before, Chris Brown can beat me all he wants.... I'd do anything to have him oh my chris brown is SO hot i would let him

Just imagine what their dads must say! Actually, there's no way any of them have active father figures.

Aaron Hernandez Memorabilia Just Doubled in Price

What Happened:

New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez was recently arrested for killing semi-pro player Odin Lloyd. He's also being investigated for a double murder in 2012. The ensuing trial and media circus will finally answer the question: "Just who exactly is this generation's O.J. Simpson?"

The Defense:

Naturally, a lot of Patriots fans immediately tried to get rid of their Hernandez memorabilia on eBay ... only to find out that other fans were just as eager to buy that shit up at higher prices. Turns out that execution-style murders are actually pretty good for your career, since Hernandez jerseys and bobbleheads (presumably) are now selling for several times their original price. Some autographed jerseys are already being resold for over $1,000.

1416alef $1.500.00 Aaren Heenande sianed Tvesdng EPM obids HERKANDEZ sucorapne jersey with COA fuly 81 Feamed E $1.000.00 2h Iat Authenic Juttograoned

"Perfect condition, except for mild brain matter stains under the arm."

Oh, and of course, the ladies love him.

FREE MY BRISTOL HOMIE AARON KEEP UR HEAD UP BOO IM KEEPING YU IN MY PRAYERS YU WILL BE OUT Lke Comment 2 hours ago kee this. ur to hot to be in jail L

"How come no one says that about me?" -the fat guy who shot John Lennon

Jesus, people. Whatever happened to "Let's help him find the real killers"?

The Boston Marathon Bomber Has Justin Bieber-Like Fans

What Happened:

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is currently facing 30 criminal charges due to his attack on this year's Boston Marathon, which killed three people and injured 264 others. This makes him a morally reprehensible character on basically every conceivable level, right?

The Defense:

Since the bombing, Tsarnaev's Twitter account has gained over 87,000 followers, a good chunk of which are adoring fans who call him "Jahar" and hope to get him released by posting terrible image macros on Tumblr. What evidence have they uncovered of his innocence? Well, uh ...

20 Apr i don't even care If jahar is a terrorist he's cute don't want him to die. Collaose Reply t Retweet Favorite ** More 13 10 RETWEETS FAVORITES 1

I cho noe know if you guys feel this way but Jahar's beard thingy looks soft and fluffy andf just want to touch it. AM NORMALL RUIN A Bon AOLRT AN ACU

Congratulations, Bronies! You are no longer the creepiest group on the Internet.

"He's cute." That's the main catalyst behind this movement. So, it turns out the unkempt beard was the only thing that kept tweens from swooning over Osama bin Laden. Some fans are even writing erotic fan fiction about the bomber.

Dzhovhar Tsarnaeu n

Please let this be for another Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Also, you might get the impression that #FreeJahar is all underage girls, but there are also some adult men -- like this asshole, who has been using a tragedy to promote his rap album and try to maneuver said girls into his hotel room.

Troy Crossley MP May 20 via mobile Any reporters bloggers etc doing anything for #freejahar that want to talk contact me pls hmu on twitter @troycross

We're kind of amazed that he was able to type that legibly considering how far up his ass his head is.

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