Why Every Movie Hero Washes Their Face In Front of a Mirror

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Every morning when you wake up you (probably) do the same routine. In some order, you shower, use the toilet, shave and brush your teeth. In that respect, movie characters don't seem to exist in the same universe as us. Typically we only see them there if something important is happening, like if someone is taking a shower at the Bates Motel or if Danny Glover needs to use the toilet in 'Lethal Weapon 2'.

In part-three of our special mini-series 'Looking the Part', Soren Bowie and Daniel O'Brien break down the typical bathroom tropes we see all over pop-culture, from the different varieties of the scary shower sequence, to the strange way shaving is used to show a power imbalance. They're joined by screenwriter Seth W. Owen to break-down how a writer implements these types of scenes and to discuss the crazy reason so many movies have a part where the hero washes his face and then takes a long, steely look in the mirror.

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