11 TV Shows That Secretly Gave Themselves Baffling Canon

When you're making 24 episodes of television per year, Satan creeps in.
11 TV Shows That Secretly Gave Themselves Baffling Canon

How did we remember anything before the Internet? If it wasn't in a library book, a file cabinet, or a computer database the size of a living room, it wasn't easy to hang onto a piece of information. So here's one way being alive is more interesting than people think it is: pre-Internet television writers took their show universes into insane directions, whenever they felt like it, with the hope nobody would remember the insanity by next week. So on this episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by Siobhan Thompson (Rick & Morty, Dimension 20) and Andrew Ti (Mixed-ish, Yo Is This Racist?) for a trip through the strangest canon ever grafted onto a TV show. They'll turn up late-season canon decisions that broke entire television universes. Also be sure to listen for strange network promos and a stranger talk show appearance that make your favorite science fiction worlds too bizarre to comprehend.


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Killer shows trade laughs with 'CSI,' 'Men' writers swap"/USA Today

Kids WB Promo- Ash & Bruce Wayne/YouTube

Fox Kids - King of the Hill meets Silver Surfer/YouTube

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Serenity in Battlestar Galactica/YouTube

Armin Shimerman interview - Regis & Kathie Lee/YouTube

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