So after seven books, eight movies and a trip to Universal Studios, you think you would prefer to go to Hogwarts than live in real life. Everyone gets assigned a very useful pet owl, you can fly around on broomsticks and you don't have to stick to MLA formatting or learn differential geometry. Sounds great! Except everyone is dying all the time. Cedric Diggory. Dead. Fred Weasley. Dead. Let's face it, if there was an evil wizard trying to put an end to humanity on the campus of Ohio State, people would stop going there.

Just to recap - Hogwarts:

Pros: magic and other cool stuff

Con: death is everywhere.

By this logic, our goal this episode is to figure out what would be the best fictional school to attend. We found that most schools in fiction have a much higher death rate than the normal high school or university. We'll take that into consideration.

Co-hosts Jack O'Brien and Daniel O'Brien are joined by Cracked's Josh Sargent and Alex Schmidt, and comedians Alison Leiby, Brandie Posey, Riley Silverman and Steven Wilbur to talk Hogwarts, Starfleet Academy, Sunnydale High and more.

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