7 Bizarre Moments From Bizarrely Long-Running TV Shows

Turns out America was obsessing over ‘Game of Thrones’ and sleeping on ‘Lassie’.
7 Bizarre Moments From Bizarrely Long-Running TV Shows

On this week's episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by the incredible Andy Daly, star of Review and all of the rest of TV. This podcast is inspired by Dalton Wilcox's long-simmering project 'Bonanas For Bonanza', a rewatch podcast (theoretically) tackling all 431 episodes of the 1959-1973 Western adventure TV show Bonanza. It turns out even the earliest Bonanza episodes are quite odd -- which begs the question, how weird can a long-running show get? Alex & Andy answer that with examples (and audio!) from Gunsmoke, One Tree Hill, Lassie, and more surprising pillars of American television history.


Bonanas for Bonanza Podcast

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Review - Complete Series

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12 surprising facts about 'Gunsmoke'

John Wayne in Gunsmoke/YouTube

Lassie - Episode 24 - "The Well"/YouTube

Lassie - Episode #123 - "The Ring"/YouTube

Lassie Wallet Auction

Lassie Stays Home With Nick

Dog ate Dan's new heart/YouTube

An Oral History of the Time a Dog Ate a Heart on 'One Tree Hill'

Dallas-Season 14 (Final Scene)/YouTube

E.R.- Dr. Robert "Rocket" Romano Dies-Helicopter/YouTube

Robert Romano/ER Wiki

Paul McCrane/IMDB


Little House On The Prairie/TV.com

Michael Landon/IMDB

'Prairie' Set Is Dynamited for Finale

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