Alex Schmidt is joined by Adam Tod Brown and Chet Wild, the hosts of Unpopular Opinion's "The 90s Sucked" podcast. They're exploring huge, meaningful, world-altering ways the 1990s never stopped happening to us. They'll also reveal which element of the '90s stuffs the nation's landfills to this day, which '90s band happily played a show in a living room, and which '90s after-effects are most worth looking out for in 2020, 2024, and beyond.


The 90s Sucked/Unpopular Opinion

Fastball At Chet's - A Blow By Blow Synopsis/Unpopular Opinion

Adam Tod Brown/Twitter

Chet Wild/Twitter

1 Way To Make An Emoji Podcast (Alex's Squarespace website)

Millions of AOL Discs Litter the Landscape/Unpopular Opinion

Facebook expands its internet infrastructure projects/Tech Crunch

Garth Brooks Tops The Beatles With Historic Seventh Diamond Album/Billboard

5 Music Companies Settle Federal Case On CD Price-Fixing/The New York Times

The environmental impact of music: digital, records, CDs analysed/The Conversation

6 Things Shut Down by Coronaviurs (That Shouldn't Return)/The Cracked Podcast

The Rise of Right-Wing Hate Online/Unpopular Opinion


How YouTube Has Become Fertile Ground for the Spread of Hate/Pacific Standard

What's the big deal about Section 230? /Marketplace

The great firewall of China: Xi Jinping's internet shutdown/The Guardian

A new law intended to curb sex trafficking threatens the future of the internet as we know it/Vox

Facebook to pay $52 million to content moderators suffering from PTSD/Tech Crunch

The Branch Davidians/Unpopular Opinion

Waco/Unpopular Opinion

How Ruby Ridge and Waco Led to the Oklahoma City Bombing/

Waco Skims a Very American Tragedy/The Atlantic

How What Happened 25 Years Ago At Ruby Ridge Still Matters Today/NPR

Nuclear Weapons, Waco And The Radicalization Of Cliven Bundy /OPB

4 Ways Far-Right Groups Are Winning The Social Media Battle/NPR

The Joe Biden Crime Bill/Unpopular Opinion Podcast

Joe Biden 2008 Campaign Website

How an early Biden crime bill created the sentencing disparity for crack and cocaine trafficking/The Washington Post

Biden signals to aides that he would serve only a single term/Politico

The CIA, abused dogs, the Iowa app and 'Breathe Easy': Buttigieg draws rumors, conspiracies/South Bend Tribune

When Joe Biden Was the Candidate of the Young/Slate

Joe Biden tells activist, 'You should vote for Trump,' over criticism of Obama deportations/USA Today

What 74 former Biden staffers think about Tara Reade's allegations/PBS

8 women say George H.W. Bush groped them. Their claims deserve to be remembered as we assess his legacy/Vox

11 Times Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect Comments Sparked Outrage/The Wrap

The Comic Stylings of Brian Williams/New York Magazine

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