17 Exciting Happy News Stories More People Should Hear

Is your news diet a balanced one? In ALL the ways?
17 Exciting Happy News Stories More People Should Hear

Where do you get your news? Because whether it's from a range of sources, from a curated Twitter feed, or from one nightmare cable channel monetizing hate, there is more happening than any one of us can track. The world is all news all the time. A lot of it seems grim. But what if we told you those true sad stories exist beside a range of incredible good news? What if we told you there are all kinds of bright spots across the world if you know where to look? And what if at least one of the stories features a "hybrid bear-monkey" you WILL want to see?

On this episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by old pals Soren Bowie and Katie Goldin for a celebration of awesome news you probably missed. From the struggle to save the environment to the fight against world diseases, you'll discover everyone from young kids to entire countries pitching in and helping. So hurry up and listen, to gain the upbeat energy you need to defeat the slew of terrible things also going on these days (and don't forget to hit up the footnotes for those sweet sweet hybrid bear-monkey pics).


American Dad on TBS -- episode written by Soren Bowie airs July 29th

Quick Question with Soren and Daniel

Creature Feature podcast (HowStuffWorks)

Bird Rights Activist (Twitter account)

Twitter thread where Soren gets his son the exact right toy garbage truck

20 Pieces Of Good News Everybody Missed In 2018 (Cracked)

Despite global concerns about democracy, more than half of countries are democratic (Pew Research Center)

The global suicide rate has seen a net decline. What caused it? (Christian Science Monitor)

Suicide is declining almost everywhere (The Economist)

23 charts and maps that show the world is getting much, much better (Vox)

Child mortality data from The University Of Oxford's Our World In Data

Rare Tree Kangaroo Reappears After Vanishing for 90 Years (National Geographic)

Elephant poaching falls dramatically in Africa (Science)

In China, Ivory Seems to Be Losing Appeal (National Geographic)

The great African regreening: millions of 'magical' new trees bring renewal (The Guardian)

More bad news for coal: Wind and solar are getting cheaper (CNN)

It's now cheaper to build a new wind farm than to keep a coal plant running (CBS News)

Mr. Trash Wheel

Instagrammers Are Posing For Selfies At The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (Digg)

Save the Beavers, Save the Ecosystem (Pacific Standard)

Oral History: Punky Brewster's Refrigerator Danger (Mental Floss)

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