12 Great Ideas America Should Steal From Other Countries

Happiness is a friendlier garbage truck.
12 Great Ideas America Should Steal From Other Countries

"No bad ideas in a brainstorm." That's a common saying that implies a darker truth: as soon as an idea leaves a brainstorm's cocoon, and gets put into practice, it can metamorphose into a living, breathing disaster. After all, who knows how your theoretical idea would actually work? How can we put any idea into practice without testing it on millions of people first? And surprise -- sudden mental left turn here -- what if we already had a way to test all kinds of ideas, see how great they really are, and then easily make your life better by implementing them?

On this week's episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by Adam Tod Brown (Unpopular Opinion) and Nick Wiger (Doughboys) for a worldwide brainstorming session. They'll consider all kinds of real ideas, tested by real countries, that could upgrade life in America if we just had the courage to borrow them. The year's almost over, so throw on some headphones and find out how copying the best laws from Sweden, Cuba, Taiwan and more places could be our first and best decision of 2019.


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Denmark plans to isolate 'unwanted' migrants on remote island (CNN)

Why Hitchhiking Is Huge in Cuba: 'The Transportation System Is Screwed' (Vice News)

How tiny Estonia stepped out of USSR's shadow to become an internet titan (The Guardian)

The City That Was Saved by the Internet (Vice Motherboard)

Tennessee kills muni-broadband expansion bill after AT&T opposition (Ars Technica)

Swedish Speed-Camera Pays Drivers to Slow Down (Wired)

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