12 Foolish Mistakes That Ruin Every Movie Alien Invasion

If you're building a bug monster fleet to dominate the Earth, put some dang clothes on.
12 Foolish Mistakes That Ruin Every Movie Alien Invasion

Nothing says "summer" like a massive alien invasion of the planet Earth. Oh sure, that invasion never happens in life. But in movie after movie, space alien fleets descend on our little blue marble with intent to kill. Why do they tend to time that invasion with Northern Hemisphere summertime? Why are there so many common bonds between all alien invaders, even though the universe contains an infinite array of extraterrestrial possibilities? And how are audiences up for the same aliens losing the same battle every single movie?

On this episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by Cracked editor/columnist/human resistance leader Dan Hopper to wonder about that exact thing. They'll explore the bizarre way alien blockbusters line up with each other time and time again. They'll dig into basic strategic errors that hamstring the alien fleets, even though us much less advanced humans know better. They'll also leave you with The Two Kinds Of Alien Movies, and a greater sense of why we fill multiplexes to see motherships laser our cities at all.


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