Our world is brimming with discoveries and innovations, with new ones spawning all the time and riddling the Earth with mystery. Thanks to science, we don't have to take the majority of these things on faith. There are explanations as to why the universe works the way that is does. For the most part at least.

Then there are things that science just can't put its finger on. As of yet, a number of givens within day-to-day life still cannot be explained by science yet. Now, we at Cracked aren't saying that these unexplainable things are just God or aliens or something mystical outside our understanding like Randy the Unicorn Horned Centaur who has the ability to turn turtles into those Cheddar Bay Biscuits from Red Lobster somehow. How and why do these things happen? For now, science doesn't know.

Here are some of the things that science is still trying to explain:



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20 Everyday Things That Science Still Can't Explain


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