25 Things You Put Off Doing (Which Makes Things Worse)

Turns out we’re all just a couple weeks away from making mazes out of piled-up recyclables.
25 Things You Put Off Doing (Which Makes Things Worse)

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You know that dumb thing you've been putting off for months, that would literally take you five minutes to do? Those minor tasks that you continually postpone, even though putting them off is causing you more stress than getting them done would?

We suspected that everyone's got stuff like that, so we asked our readers for their best examples of that. And they somehow managed to get them done on time, which proves that none of us is too far gone.

I usually have about a dozen cups next to my bed... even though it would be super easy to bring them to the kitchen when I'm going that way anyway. CR
Not sure how to get somewhere? No problem! I'll just wait until I'm almost there to pull up directions.
25 Things You Put Off Doing (Which Makes Things Worse)
Even with sensitive skin, it makes more sense to shave every few days. But since my job and social life don't require me clean shaven, I let my beard
S island inhabitants referred to as The Qthers comes to a head as ten of the Others Confirm x quent close ands You are about to close 220 tabs. Are
Bend over and cut my toenails? Nah, I'll just wait until my toe excavates its way out of my sock first.
If I clean the litter box regularly, it takes about two seconds, but for some reason I put it off until it's exploding. Instead of a quick and easy cl
ou It gets to the point wheret 0 am too embarrassedto take my filthy car to the local detailers for A WASH And eventually do it myself. CRACKED
25 Things You Put Off Doing (Which Makes Things Worse)
I always put off checking my account balance because I'm paranoid I won't have any money left. TISMI'NTTVSNENTN Even though I know not checking often
CRACKED.COM DOI Camera Roll Favorites 7,621 125 I keep my photos meticulously organized on my laptop, but on my phone I never clean house. E wind up d
I won't go from a couch to the bed, even if it would only take a minute... until of course, I wake up at five in the morning and go to the bed, while
D have one plant It sits on the kitchen window sill. Right where do the dishes EVERY DAY. CANNEUN CEWNE TEA So why do 0 put off watering it until it g
I'm struggling to chop the food with my dull knife, but I keep using it even though I know, there's a sharpener within reach insidea a drawer. CRACKED
Broken appliance? Time to get creative with my OUT OF cooking instead of ORDER fixing it! CRAGKEDCON
CRACKEDco It only takes a few minutes to cancel a loot box subscription, but I always put it off until months after I've lost interest in the product
I never refill ice trays uLL 71000 And regret it when I have to drink warm soda
25 Things You Put Off Doing (Which Makes Things Worse)
I always put off getting gas until the warning light comes on and I'm cruising on fumes. It doesn't make any sense because I constantly risk getting s
CRACKED GOM LOw Battery BATTERY IS LOW But the charger is not within my reach SO let's just wait 'til it shuts down.
0 will suffer for WEEKS of squeezing the last bits of toothpaste out of the same tube. Actint Sodiu Tricis yyoulon Ura 30% ide aids arnings in the It'
0 could start cooking my dinner early, or I could wait until I'm too tired to cook. CRACKEDCOMT
CRACKED.COM My wife is away on business. Do I clean up after myself like any other time? aut rel HELL NO! IE wait until her flight lands and I have le
25 Things You Put Off Doing (Which Makes Things Worse)
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