11 Super-Sketchy Products That Celebrities Actually Endorsed

Just because a Kardashian uses a thing, doesn’t mean it’s not shady.
11 Super-Sketchy Products That Celebrities Actually Endorsed

If celebrities can shamelessly hawk this crap, we'll shamelessly hawk the Cracked De-Textbook.

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If we've learned anything in the current millennium, it's that anyone can become a celebrity. And once you are one, you can get and stay rich by endorsing products. Posing on Instaface or Snapgram (or whatever, we're bad at social media) with a fancy product in hand can bring in an absurd amount of cash. So famous folks are understandably eager to hawk goods -- so much so that they don't stop and check to find out whether the thing that they're selling is a big, fat lie.

So here are some decidedly dubious products that celebrities 100 percent endorsed on purpose.

Shaq promoted bracelets that claimed to make people better at sports. Power Balance bracelets hilariously purported to use holographic technology to
11 Super-Sketchy Products That Celebrities Actually Endorsed
Alex Jones sells a crapload of sketchy dietary supplements. The Alex Jones empire appears to be slowly evolving from a conspiracy theory dissemination
Bethenny Frankel hawked sketchy diet cocktails. Reality TV star Bethenny Frankel, who is presented on Real Housewives of New York City as something of
Kim Kardashian spammed social media with useless diet lollipops. Marketing sugar-filled lollipops with unproven secret ingredients as a weight loss t
Bollywood actors peddle dangerous skin-lightening cream. Arguably the world's famous most actor, Shah Rukh Khan is among a number of Indian celebritie
Gwyneth Paltrow is the queen of shady butt stuff. Pinning down the most ridiculous product promoted by balderdash merchant Gwyneth Paltrow is no easy
Snooki plugged sketchy Zantrex-3 diet pills. Go figure that a celebrity who gained fame by being crappy was attached to a diet product that's full of
Nicki Minaj (and others) pushed dangerous Teatox products. Minaj is just one of a cavalcade of celebrities who use their Instagram accounts to push
11 Super-Sketchy Products That Celebrities Actually Endorsed
LeBron and Pitbull were the spokesmen for performance-enhancing caffeine strips. As the idols of millions of youngsters, you'd think Lebron James and
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