Famous Performances That Were Plan B (Or Plan Z)

Famous Performances That Were Plan B (Or Plan Z)

Most of our most iconic pop culture staples are inextricably connected with their creators. The weird thing is, a lot of times a big, famous thing wasn't the first choice of the person who made it famous. Or the person who made a thing famous wasn't the original choice.

Jaws, released in 1975, was handled to inculcate fear of very big fish in a whole era. There's a horrible rumor about the movie that claims the actress who has become the first target of the great white (Susan Backlinie) started yelling in real terror because the device tugging her underneath the water cracked her ribs.

However, there is no proof to substantiate this; director Steven Spielberg chose to make it a shock when the "fish" would "attack," implying that her scared, unexpected gasp and strangle of water were genuine responses. Roy Scheider also devised the line, "We're going to need a large boat."

There are still no people injured or killed in the making of the movie, but the same cannot be said about the lots of fake sharks. The red-herring great white killed opening scene was a real shark that died in Florida, but the first robot-jaws that tried out sank to the ocean floor.

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Entry by Kevin King

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