17 Movies And TV Shows With IRL Accurate Details

17 Movies And TV Shows With IRL Accurate Details

Most of the time, movies and TV are silly, made-up make believe and don't bother getting into the accurate details of a task, a tool, or the science behind certain actions. Most of the time these omissions are so it can benefit the movie's story, the budget couldn't allow accuracy, or the filmmakers were just plain lazy. Whether it requires a deep dive or a basic Google search, it seems like Hollywood gets it all wrong most of the time, occasionally willfully.

That's why it can be so startling when a movie or show gets some subtle detail exactly right. It's not often, but it happens. Sometimes movie and TV creators absolutely nail some aspect of the real world -- even though the average viewer would never notice. But you all did.

Cracked readers, especially PJ7, came in droves to point out the times when a film or television show finally got it right.

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